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Music and displacement - Europe and beyond

Published: 21 April 2010
Music and Displacement

A new collection of essays co-edited by Research Fellow in Music Dr Florian Scheding, has been published by Scarecrow Press.

A new collection of essays - Music and Displacement: Diasporas, Mobilities and Dislocations in Europe and Beyond - co-edited by Dr Florian Scheding, Humanities Research Fellow in Music at Southampton, has just been published by Scarecrow Press.

The 10th volume of the series Europea: Ethnomusicologies and Modernities, the new book was co-edited with Erik Levi, and features a wide range of case studies by distinguished international scholars, whose work addresses art, popular, folk, and jazz musics, and draws upon recent research in gender and post-colonial studies, critical theory, migration and diaspora.

The grand narratives of European music history are informed by the dichotomy of placements and displacements, yet musicology has thus far largely ignored the phenomenon of displacement and underestimated its significance for musical landscapes and music history. Music and Displacement: Diasporas, Mobilities, and Dislocations in Europe and Beyond fills this gap as it explores the interactions between music and displacement in theoretical and practical terms.

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