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The University of Southampton
µ-VIS: Multidisciplinary, Multiscale, Microtomographic Volume Imaging

Visualisation suite access request form

To ensure the safety of our staff and users while coronavirus COVID-19 measures remain active, it is necessary to closely manage access to our vis-suite. Access to 05/1019 has been revoked for all users, and we kindly ask users to re-apply if they require access. Please note that our Code of Conduct for working in the vis-suite has now been extended with Code of Conduct - COVID-19 which covers aspects of safe working whilst social distancing measures are active.

Users need to read, understand and accept both CoC s to be granted access and must adhere to them at all times. Failing to do so will result in access being revoked.


    To submit an access request, please fill out the form below.


    μ-VIS Visualisation Suite Codes of Conduct

    Users need to read, understand and accept both CoC s to be granted access and must adhere to them at all times.

    Generic Code of Conduct

    The μ-VIS Visualisation Suite, room 5/1019, contains high-specification workstations for handling CT data sets. Access is contingent on considerate, reasonable use of the equipment, and will be immediately withdrawn otherwise. Specifics include:

    1. This code of conduct does not replace any part of your iSolutions user agreement, and in the case of any conflict, your iSolutions user agreement prevails.
    2. Do not allow other people access to the computer room. Only users known to μ-VIS are allowed entry.
    3. If you find any problems with the doors or security, please notify Geoff Howell and the μ-VIS fellows immediately.
    4. If you find any problems with the workstations or data storage, please let the μ-VIS fellows know in person or by email to,, and
    5. Do not plug or unplug any cables without the consent of a member of the μ-VIS team (exception: front panel USB and audio cables, where the workstation has appropriate ports).
    6. Do not move any computers, even a small distance, without the consent of a member of the μ- VIS team.
    7. When leaving a machine running long jobs, please leave a note by its keyboard, giving a one- line summary of your work, your contact details, when you left the machine, and when you anticipate returning to it. Please lock your session before leaving the machine, and remove the note when the job is finished.
    8. Where possible please avoid restarting the workstations.
    9. On no account should you restart a workstation which bears a current note that another user is using it, as they may lose valuable data.
    10. If you wish to transfer data to an external drive, please use the dedicated data transfer station, not one of the workstations.
    11. Please do not copy your data to the workstations' local hard drives (exception: muvis-gpu has a local RAID array, provided for storing scan data undergoing reconstruction).
    12. If your data set has been archived and removed from the network data stores, please do not copy it to your area within the M: drive again. Work from your copy on a portable USB hard drive instead.
    13. Do not eat – even chocolate bars or other snacks – in the room (drinks are permitted).
    14. Please do not leave dirty cups, rubbish, etc in the computer room. Return cups to the dishwasher in 5/1013, and place rubbish in the bin outside the door of the Visualisation Suite.
    15. Do not use the machines in the Visualisation Suite for general purpose computing; they are provided for CT/CL data analysis and μ-VIS business only.
    16. The printer is provided for μ-VIS business only, not for general printing.
    17. Do not store items (samples, hard drives, sports bags, ...) in the Visualisation Suite. Unattended items that are not in use may be removed and disposed of.
    18. All electrical equipment (e.g. laptops, hard disks with power supplies) brought in to the room must be safety tested – the electronics workshop in B13 can test items for you.

    Please ask a μ-VIS fellow (usually in 5/1015) if you need any help or clarifications.

    Code of Conduct COVID-19

    1. Please note that the μ-VIS Visualisation Suite is a shared space with shared keyboards that will have been touched by other people.
    2. There is a wash basin and soap in the materials preparation room, and we kindly ask you to wash your hands before entering this room and touching any surfaces.
    3. We also recommend that you wash your hands when you leave this room
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