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The University of Southampton
µ-VIS: Multidisciplinary, Multiscale, Microtomographic Volume Imaging

Pathogenesis of lethal respiratory COVID-19

We are pleased and honoured to announce that the Radiological Research Trust (RRT) has awarded our team a small research grant to study pathogenesis of lethal respiratory COVID-19 by means of 3D X-ray histology imaging.

Our project, entitled Pathogenesis of lethal respiratory COVID-19; 3D X-ray histology imaging of pathology wax blocks would focus on applying multiscale and multimodality imaging to identify COVID-19 specific changes that span through the different tissue levels and can be used to improve accuracy of COVID-19 diagnosis via clinical CT.

The multiscale / multimodality imaging approach we would be using brings together clinical imaging (CT) of the lung, μCT-based 3D X-ray histology of the lung microstructure and histological analysis at the cellular level.

The project is a collaborative effort between the University of Southampton, UK and the Erasmus University Medical Center, Netherlands.

Pathogenesis of lethal respiratory COVID-19
Pathogenesis of lethal respiratory COVID-19

The team:

Orestis Katsamenis1, Peter Lackie1, Philipp Schneider1, Jan von der Thüsen2,
Pierluigi Ciet2, Elaine Ho1

1 University of Southampton, UK
2 Erasmus Medical Center, Rotterdam, NL


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