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µ-VIS: Multidisciplinary, Multiscale, Microtomographic Volume Imaging

Correlative Imaging Forum

Correlative imaging forum
μCT+H&E of a lung sample; Image courtesy of O.Katsamenis & M. Lawson

Correlative Imaging Forum is an open discussion platform that brings together research staff from the Biomedical Imaging Unit (BIU) and the μ-VIS X-Ray Imaging Centre working on correlative imaging.

The meetings are organised by Dr. Orestis Katsamenis (coordinator), Dr Philipp Schneider and Dr. Peter Lackie and take place biweekly. Meeting sites alternate between BIU (University Hospital Southampton) and μ-VIS (Highfield Campus) to allow researchers for other groups based on either campuses to participate.

Discussions are focused on technical issues and application areas related to correlative imaging, including latest developments in imaging and image processing as well as potential funding opportunities and conference calls. The forum provides an opportunity for students and academics to discuss, troubleshoot and receive feedback on their ongoing projects, and to enlarge their professional network at the University.


Date Venue Presenter Topic
27 May 2021 online Marie Zdora Virtual histology using X-ray speckle-based phase tomography
13 May 2021 online Alex Searle-Barnes Evolutionary development of planktic foraminifera
29 April 2021 Online speaker canceled -
15 April 2021 Online Elaine Ho GaussQuality: an objective, user-friendly tool for assessing 3D X-ray micro-computed tomography image quality with Gaussian Mixture Models
01 April 2021 Online Shelley Rawson MicroCT of changes within tissues
18 March 2021 Online Harry Rossides Development of 3D X-ray phase-contrast Imaging and Analysis Tools for Tubular and Branching Structures with Applications in Colorectal Cancer Research
04 March 2021 Online Phil Basford Introducing the new Dectris detector
18 February 2021 Online Rohan Lewis / Shelley Harris multisclae imaging of the placenta
04 February 2021 Online Rebecca Summerfield Automated analysis of 3D human anatomy using Disior’s Bonelogic: how far can we go?
21 January 2021 Online Elena Konstantinopoulou R programming course
07 January 2021 Online Kamil Sosinski Correlative imaging software development (IP)
Christmas break Online    
10 December 2020 Online Phil Basford Introducing the new Dectris detector
26 November 2020 Online Elizabeth Morris Treatment from the inside: Optimisation of bone marrow transplants
12 November 2020 Online Ronan Smith Speckle-based imaging
29 October 2020 Online David S Chatelet VR tools for 360o tours and facility walk-throughs
15 October 2020 Online Orestis Katsamenis Automatic sample changer for high throughput X-ray Histology
01 October 2020 Online Scheduling next talks open
17 September 2020 Online Orestis Katsamenis Dual Energy microCT
03 September 2020 Online ToScA presenters ToScA2020 (web-conference): Test-run and feedback
20 August 2020 Online Sharif Ahmed DIAD: A new Dual Imaging And Diffraction beamline at Diamond
06 August 2020 Online Elaine Ho Registration and visualisation workflow for correlative microCT and histology
23 July 2020 Online canceled (speaker unable to attend) -
09 July 2020 Online Elena Konstantinopoulou Fast μCT scanning: confidence in concept for intraoperative use
25 June 2020 Online Harry Rossides 3D cyclorama Fiji/ImageJ plugin for digital unrolling of deformed tubes: Feedback and testers needed!
11 June 2020 Online David S Chatelet Deep learning -based segmentation in ORS Dragonfly
28 May 2020 online Elaine Ho Interactive visualisation of correlative microCT + histology images
14 May 2020 online Orestis Katsamenis & David Chatelet Working with microscopy and volume data from home - remote access to UoS equipment
30 April 2020 online Orestis Katsamenis Forum restart online; [a] testing the infrastructure & [b] next speakers line up
16 April 2020 BIU canceled (COVID-19 lockdown) -
02 April 2020 μ-VIS canceled (COVID-19 lockdown) -
19 March 2020 BIU canceled (COVID-19 lockdown) -
05 March 2020 μ-VIS canceled (UCU ind. action) -
20 February 2020 BIU canceled (UCU ind. action) -
06 February 2020 μ-VIS David S Chatelet GPU-acceleration in Fiji/ImageJ
23 January 2020 BIU Bethany Harding Enhancing the benefits and effectiveness of Novamin for dentin hypersensitivity and remineralisation of dental tissues
09 January 2020 μ-VIS Harry Rossides 3D morphometric quantification of binary images: A trip from ImageJ, BoneJ and MorphoLibJ to Python, Pandas and Jupyter.
Christmas break BIU    
12 December 2019 μ-VIS speaker canceled -
28 November 2019 BIU canceled (UCU ind. action) -
14 November 2019 μ-VIS Jenny Pearson-Farr Progress of endometrial cilia 3D analysis
31 October 2019 BIU Vito Mennella A short introduction on Vito's research portfolio
17 October 2019 μ-VIS Elena Konstantinopoulou syGlass software trial - VR visualisation of CT data
03 October 2019 BIU Orestis Katsamenis Everyone - round table discussion about users' experience using Dragonfly on IRIDIS visualisation cluster
19 September 2019 μ-VIS Elaine Ho summary of Dragonfly Workshop that took place on the 1st day of ToScA conference at So'ton
Summer break      
11 July 2019 BIU Phil Basford GitHub and version control
27 June 2019 μ-VIS Artur Kirjakulov Augmented reality for interactive poster presentations: examples on EM and CARS imaging
13 June 2019 BIU Marco Curto Multi-material 3D Printing of Bioinspired Mechanical Architectures
30 May 2019 μ-VIS Orestis Katsamenis Internal software development: scripting and workflows repo
16 May 2019 μ-VIS Elena Konstantinopoulou Host-Pathogen interaction in tuberculosis by bioelectrospray 3D cell culture modelling and label-free Imaging
02 May 2019 μ-VIS Patrica Goggin Stained bone imaging and Image processing for segmantation and analysis - proress update
Easter break      
04 April 2019 μ-VIS Matt Lawson Progress update on methodology for automatic registration of Histology on μCT
21 March 2019 BIU Jenny Pearson-Farr Analysis of ciliated cells of the human endometrium
07 March 2019 μ-VIS Elaine Ho Introduction of PhD project - 3D X-ray Histology for Soft Tissue Imaging
21 February 2019 BIU David Chatelet 3D data visualisation and analysis Draginfly v4.0 - Software assesment
07 February 2019 μ-VIS Hannah Paul Analysis of 3D tructure of D11B-positive Dendritic cells (DCs)
24 January 2019 BIU Steph Robinson Automatic segmentation of DAB stained lymphatics - discussion on tissue preparation that keeps the native lung structure
10 January 2019 μ-VIS Orestis Katsamenis Feedback, planning & open floor
Christmas break      
13 December 2018 μ-VIS Harry Rossides The role of X-ray refraction in image formation: An overview of absorption and phase contrast CT imaging techniques
29 November 2018 BIU Suzanne Brooks Correlative imaging work flows involving lightsheet microscopy
15 November 2018 μ-VIS Matt Lawson, David Chatelet Using IRIDIs supercomputer - Experience so far…
01 November 2018 BIU Orestis Katsamenis Helical scanning - preliminary data & Open floor
18 October 2018 μ-VIS Thomas Clark Correlative neutron & CT imaging of plant roots
04 October 2018 BIU Patrica Goggin Stained bone imaging and Image processing for segmantation and analysis
06 September 2018 BIU Beth Broadbent Fast intraoperative μCT imaging of biopsy samples - MSc project
Summer break      
12 July 2018 BIU Matt Lawson Elastic registration of histological images to μCT volume data
28 June 2018 μ-VIS Harry Rossides Cyclorama algorithm
14 June 2018 BIU Orestis Katsamenis Kick-off session
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