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Dr Fiza Qureshi PhD

Assistant Professor, University of Southampton Malaysia

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Dr Fiza Qureshi is an Assistant Professor and Subject Area Lead of Accounting and Finance at Southampton Malaysia Business School, University of Southampton, Malaysia (UoSM).

She obtained her PhD degree in Finance from Department of Finance, Banking and Insurance, Faculty of Business and Accountancy, University of Malaya, Malaysia. She was the recipient of fully funded scholarship for PhD under Faculty Development Program of Higher Education Commission of Pakistan.

Dr Fiza’s research work is published in reputed international journals such as International Journal of Finance & Economics, Annals of Operation Research, Journal of Policy Modelling, Emerging Market Review, Emerging Market Trade and Finance, Economic systems among others. Presently, she is working on a research project titled, “Technological risk and cryptocurrency market” under UoSM Seed Fund.

She is one of the lead members of Technological innovations, financial intermediation, and environmental sustainability (TIFIES), Research group at UoSM. She is also an associate member of Carbon Neutrality Research Group at UoSM. She is the editorial member and reviewer of peer-reviewed international Journals. She has achieved awards and distinctions in national, and international research projects and conferences. For example, she was awarded full grant and honorarium for presenting a research paper at International Asian Community Economic Forum, Incheon, South Korea, 2019.

At the national level, she was also awarded a funded research project under the HEC Start-up research program, 2018-2019 by Higher Education Commission of Pakistan. She has 16 years of teaching experience at the Postgraduate and undergraduate level. She is also supervising PhD, Post-graduate, and undergraduate students. Prior to joining University of Southampton, she held academic and leadership roles at University of Sindh Jamshoro, Pakistan.


Research interests

Dr Fiza’s current research focuses on sustainable finance, technological innovations, environmental sustainability, Cryptocurrency, climate finance and Fintech. Her earlier research covers mutual funds, financial markets and spillovers and behavioural finance.


Subject Area Lead of Accounting and Finance
Personal Academic Tutor 
Moderator of various modules 
Member of the Human Resource Development Committee 

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Publications in academic journals

Naeem, M. A., Farid, S., Qureshi, F. & Taghizadeh‐Hesary, F. 2022. Global factors and the transmission between United States and emerging stock markets. International Journal of Finance & Economics.

Naeem, M.A., Qureshi, F., Farid, S., Tiwari, A.K. and Elheddad, M., 2021. Time-frequency information transmission among financial markets: evidence from implied volatility. Annals of Operations Research, pp.1-29.

Qureshi, F., Khan, H. H., Rehman, I. U., Ghafoor, A. & Qureshi, S. 2019. Mutual fund flows and investors’ expectations in BRICS economies: Implications for international diversification. Economic Systems, 43, 130-150.

Qureshi, F., Khan, H. H., Rehman, I. U., Qureshi, S. & Ghafoor, A. 2019. The Effect of Monetary and Fiscal Policy on Bond Mutual Funds and Stock Market: An International Comparison. Emerging Markets Finance and Trade, 55, 3112-3130.

Qureshi, F., Kutan, A. M., Ghafoor, A., Khan, H. H. & Qureshi, Z. 2019. Dynamics of mutual funds and stock markets in Asian developing economies. Journal of Asian Economics, 65, 101135

Qureshi, F., Kutan, A. M., Khan, H. H. & Qureshi, S. 2019. Equity fund flows, market returns, and market risk: evidence from China. Risk Management, 21, 48-71. 

Qureshi, F., Kutan, A. M., Ismail, I. & Gee, C. S. 2017. Mutual funds and stock market volatility: An empirical analysis of Asian emerging markets. Emerging Markets Review, 31, 176-192. 

Qureshi, S., Rehman, I. U. & Qureshi, F. 2018. Does gold act as a safe haven against exchange rate fluctuations? The case of Pakistan rupee. Journal of Policy Modeling, 40, 685-708.

Other publications

Qureshi, F. 2022. COVID-19 pandemic, economic indicators and sectoral returns: evidence from US and China. Economic Research-Ekonomska Istraživanja, 35, 2142-2172. 

Qureshi, S., Qureshi, F., Soomro, A.B., Chandio, F.H., Shah, S.S. and Rehman, I.U., 2022. Exchange rate risk and sectoral returns: A wavelet-based MRA-EDCC GARCH analysis. Communications in Statistics-Theory and Methods, 51(7), pp.2154-2182. 

Younis, I., Hkiri, B., Shah, W. U., Qureshi, F., Ilyas, M. & Longsheng, C. 2022. Fresh evidence on connectedness between prominent markets during COVID-19 pandemic. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 1-28

Ul Abdin, S. Z., Qureshi, F., Iqbal, J. & Sultana, S. 2022. Overconfidence bias and investment performance: A mediating effect of risk propensity. Borsa Istanbul Review.

Shah, S. S., Memon, F. A., Qureshi, F., Soomro, A. B., Kemal, A. A. & Shah, A. A. 2022. Mental well-being during COVID-19 pandemic: the role of fear, social isolation and psychological resilience. Cogent Psychology, 9, 2006993.

Kamal, M. A., Ullah, A., Qureshi, F., Zheng, J. & Ahamd, M. 2022. China’s outward FDI and environmental sustainability in belt and road countries: does the quality of institutions matter? Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 1-35.

Sultana, S., Shafique, I., Majeed, N., Jamshed, S., Shahani, A. K. & Qureshi, F. 2021. Impact of Covid-19 outbreak on psychological health–The case of Bangladesh. Heliyon, 7, e06772. 

Qureshi, F., Qureshi, S. & Shah, S. S. 2021. Do Mutual Fund Flows Influence Stock Market Volatility? Further Evidence from Emerging Market. Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting, 24, 35. 

Naeem, M. A., Qureshi, F., Arif, M. & Balli, F. 2021. Asymmetric relationship between gold and Islamic stocks in bearish, normal and bullish market conditions. Resources Policy, 72, 102067. 

Naqvi, S.K., Shahzad, F., Rehman, I.U., Qureshi, F. and Laique, U., 2021. Corporate social responsibility performance and information asymmetry: The moderating role of analyst coverage. Corporate Social Responsibility and Environmental Management, 28(6), pp.1549-1563. 

Shahzad, F., Saeed, A., Asim, G. A., Qureshi, F., Rehman, I. U. & Qureshi, S. 2021. Political connections and firm performance: Further evidence using a generalised quantile regression approach. IIMB Management Review, 33, 205-213. 

Rajput, S., Qureshi, F., & Aziz, T. (2021). Demographic Changes and Direct Tax Dynamics in OECD and non-OECD Markets: A Revisit. Applied Economics, 28(1), 1-17. 

Shah, S.Q., Ghafoor, A., Qureshi, F. and Ismail, I., 2021. Market manipulation in East-Asian markets: A regulatory overview. Studies of Applied Economics, 39(2), pp.146-159.

Kutan, A., Laique, U., Qureshi, F., Rehman, I. U. & Shahzad, F. 2020. A survey on national culture and corporate financial decisions: current status and future research. International Journal of Emerging Markets, 16(7), 1234-1258.   

Qureshi, F., Qureshi, S., Shah, S.S., Rehman, I.U. and Shahzad, F., 2020. Further evidence on co-movement between equity funds and business cycle variables in BRICS: A Wavelet analysis. Borsa Istanbul Review, 20, pp.S93-S102.

Qureshi, F., Qureshi, S., Vo, X.V. and Junejo, I., 2021. Revisiting the nexus among foreign direct investment, corruption and growth in developing and developed markets. Borsa Istanbul Review, 21(1), pp.80-91.

Ahad, M., ur Rehman, I., Qureshi, F., Hanif, W. and Anwer, Z., 2018. Modelling Asymmetric Impact of Home Country Macroeconomic Variables on American Depository Receipts: Evidence from Eurozone. Annals of Economics and Finance, 19(2), pp.703-727.

Khan, H. H., Ghafoor, A., Qureshi, F. & Rehman, I. U. 2018. Bank competition, financial development and growth of financially dependent industries: Fresh evidence from China. Global Economic Review, 47, 108-134.

Khan, H. H., Kutan, A. M., Naz, I. & Qureshi, F. 2017. Efficiency, growth and market power in the banking industry: New approach to efficient structure hypothesis. The North American Journal of Economics and Finance, 42, 531-545.

Khan, H. H., Naz, I., Qureshi, F. & Ghafoor, A. 2017. Heuristics and stock buying decision: Evidence from Malaysian and Pakistani stock markets. Borsa Istanbul Review, 17, 97-110.

Qureshi, F., Ismail, I. & Gee Chan, S. 2017. Mutual funds and market performance: New evidence from ASEAN markets. Investment Analysts Journal, 46, 61-79.

Al Barghouthi, S., Qureshi, S., Ur Rehman, I., Shahzad, F. & Qureshi, F. 2017. Consumer Confidence And Sectoral Stock Returns In China: Evidence From Multiresolutions Wavelet And Granger Coherence Analyses. International Journal of Business & Society, 18.

Published book chapters

Sultana. S., Qureshi, F.*, (2021). Crowdfunding in DETEs: A literature Review. Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation and Development. Taylor & Francis Publisher.

Shaikh, E., Tunio, N., Qureshi, F.*, (2021). Finance and women's entrepreneurship in DETEs: A literature review. Entrepreneurial Finance, Innovation and Development. Taylor & Francis Publisher. 


MANG2015 Financial Management 
MANG6142 Introduction to Portfolio Management and Exchange-traded Derivatives 
MANG2064 Business Research 
ECON1009 Introduction to Economics for Non-Economists 
MANG1021 Ideas that shaped the business world 2: Markets and consumers
ECON1022 Principles of Microeconomics
ECON1016 Economics Skills and Employability

Dr Fiza Qureshi
C0302, Blok C Eko Galleria,
Jalan Eko Botani 3,
Taman Eko Botani, 79200
Iskandar Puteri, Johor

Room Number : /Level 3, Malaysia Campus

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