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Isaac Lim Shoon Yik MEng Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics, 2017

Isaac Lim Shoon Yik's Photo

Being part of the second batch of students in University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM) really gave us leverage and opportunities to model what our university experience would be, curriculum and lecture wise. To add on, we have a close-knitted community of students that studied the same course, and when we got transferred to UK, it really helps in reducing the homesick feeling knowing you’re not alone.

The engineering knowledge I learned from lectures and tutorials helped me in my current daily operations but more specifically, it improved my interpersonal skills, ability to think critically and meet different individuals who gave me a different perspective on many subjects.

How did you obtain your current job?

I attended the GRADUAN Annual Career Fair held in London and GE was hiring for engineering prospects. I applied in the Fair & had a walk-in interview the same day, was shortlisted for a group interview the next day, had 2 phone interviews with my current hiring manager and HR manager, and was given the offer 3 months after the Fair.

What are your major responsibilities/duties in your current role?

Analyse, develop and manage new processes & tools to meet our operations target of resource efficiency, Operating Profits & Margins.

What is the best part of your job?

The work culture, being in a multinational corporation (MNC) company allows me exposure to a dynamic working environment where I am constantly engaging global teams for partnering & solutions. The candour environment and flexible working hours also adds to the bonus!

Why did you choose the University of Southampton Malaysia?

UoSM has a competitive entrance level for their engineering programs, hence a small community of like-minded individuals can focus on achieving education excellence together. From a parent’s perspective, the tuition fees (discounted fees compared to those who enrolled in the UK from Year 1) and opportunity to study abroad on a guaranteed 2 + 2 twinning programme is the biggest catch for enrolment!

What were the best things about studying at the University of Southampton Malaysia and UK Campus? 

How did the University help prepare you for employment?

Technical skill wise, the engineering knowledge I learned from lectures and tutorials helped me in my current day-to-day operations especially programming. But more specifically, the most impactful contribution the University did was to prepare a conducive environment for me to improve my interpersonal skills, think critically on assignments and projects, and meet different individuals with different stories which gave me a different perspective on many subjects.

What advice would you give to current students to help them secure their first job?

There is no one-size fits all advice, but for those that are yearning for a corporate career in a large company, here’s my take. Hone your interpersonal skills such as communication and interview skills as they are equally important as academic results. Let them know you can communicate effectively and not afraid to be vocal and take the lead. Academic results wise, Southampton is already providing the best medium for you to learn, by being a UK degree holder, you are almost guaranteed to be given a head start in the job market.

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