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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Malaysia

Stephanie Sook Fung Teow Acoustic Consultant, Arup Singapore Pte Ltd, 

MEng Mechanical Engineering/Acoustical, 2016

Stephanie Sook Fung Teow's Photo

The Malaysia Campus provided the same quality of education as in the UK.



What is your current job title and company name?

Acoustic Consultant, Arup Singapore Pte Ltd

Where are you working?

I am working in Singapore.

What are your major responsibilities/duties in your current role?

What have been the highlights of your career to date?

The highlights are to be part of the design team to contribute in shaping Singapore's beautiful landscape with Green Buildings. I have participated in projects ranging from Schools, Hotels, Hospitals, Private Condominiums estate, Clubhouses and Corporate office fitouts. These buildings are actually becoming places for people to live, work, study and to have entertainment in.

What have you have taken from your course and applied to your working environment?

I have taken the theories and concepts of engineering and been able to apply in my work. The principles of acoustics are able to help solve design problems we face in each individual project.

How did your time at University help you to grow as a person and help you get to where you are now?

University is the foundation of a networking platform for students to make friends with one another, plus we could be co-workers in the same industry. This helps a lot in the industry where we are able to share information and expand our network further.

The course has helped to inculcate me in my technical skill and with the strong emphasis taught of engineering concepts and technical knowledge have helped to solve many practical issues I face at work. “One theory, many applications”

Why did you choose to study at the University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM)?

I chose UoSM because it is close to home and I was still able to receive the main campus, UK quality of teaching.
I was able to have world-class lecturers in Malaysia. Moreover, I could go to the UK main campus to complete my studies and to be taught and work with renowned professors in the industry.

What were your Malaysia ‘highlights’ (best experiences)?

Good food in the vicinity including 24 hour mamak places where we can grab suppers during our studies.

UoSM offers 24-hour library and computer labs and is very supportive by providing us with the facilities for us to study/revise work.

Since there was only a small group of us, as a class of 20 we were extremely close-knitted even after graduation. We literally travelled half the world together to the UK, lived, studied and played together. We were as close as siblings.

What were your Southampton ‘highlights’?

International friends that I have made and we've become colleagues in the global workplace.

Also, through the years, it teaches us how to market our ideas and design well. The presentation skills enhanced at university really did help us to present our ideas at work confidently. As a result, we are extremely expressive, confident and outgoing engineers.

What advice would you give to a student starting their degree at University of Southampton Malaysia?

It may be a long and daunting journey on your Engineering course but this tough road will definitely have light at the end of the tunnel. Friends and family will be your greatest pillars of strength to keep you going. Lecturers, research assistants will enlighten you through this journey. Enjoy this rollercoaster ride!

What tips would you give to current students looking to start a career in your sector?

It’s an exciting journey! Keep in contact with your mates. You will definitely need each other’s help and support in the same trade.

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