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Top three performing students to receive first Lloyd’s Register Foundation scholarships

Published: 28 November 2013
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The top three performing students in Mechanical Engineering at University of Southampton Malaysia Campus have each been awarded Lloyd’s Register Foundation scholarships.

These prestigious scholarships cover each scholar’s tuition and academic fees. This is a first for the UK-based University to offer these  industry-sponsored scholarships at its Malaysian campus.

Mark Darley, South Asia Area Manager of Lloyd’s Register, presented the lucrative scholarships to Jeremy Fong, (20), Tai Je See, (20), and Yap Jun Hou (21) following their excellent performance in both academic and personal aspects throughout their first year.

“These scholarships, offered through the generosity of the Lloyd’s Register Foundation will give students who have the aptitude and enthusiasm to maximise their potential as engineers and create the pathways to pursue their dreams”
Professor John McBride, Chief Executive Officer of University of Southampton Malaysia Campus.

“We congratulate each recipient of these inaugural scholarships offered by the Lloyd’s Register Foundation which allows these deserving students the opportunity to focus on developing their skills and preparing for a career in engineering whilst alleviating the financial burdens of undergraduate study. We want to provide support to help tomorrow’s engineers to enter the workforce and continuously redefine the industry through their ingenuity"
Mark Darley, South Asia Area Manager of Lloyd’s Register

Jeremy Fong, 20 - Johor Bahru (Sunway College)
Jeremy is exceptional in academic terms, but is also very outgoing. He is a representative on the USMC Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC), and is a regular assistant on campus open days, speaking to prospective new students and assisting with laboratory demonstrations. He organised his own internship over the summer period this year working for Shin Nippon Machinery, and enjoyed the practical experience within their Sales and Operations department.

“My joy is unbridled! I am deeply honoured with the fact that I am one of the first ever recipients of the prestigious Lloyd's Register Foundation Scholarship at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. This will undeniably spur me on to perform at my very best for the remainder of my course, and hopefully I will have the satisfaction of making USMC proud, whether today, tomorrow or as an alumni of University of Southampton in the not too distant future."

Tai Jei See, 20 – Kuala Lumpur (HELP Academy Sdn Bhd)
Jei See is extremely bright academically, and has a particular strength in mathematics. She is also a very outgoing and engaging member of the cohort. She is a representative on the USMC Staff Student Liaison Committee (SSLC), and a member of both the USMC Basketball Club, and the USMC Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Club.

“I feel very honoured and fortunate to be awarded this scholarship and grateful for Lloyd’s Register's generosity. I am aware that this is a prestigious award and I am very proud to be a recipient. Being one of the first ever recipients of Lloyd's Register Foundation Scholarship at USMC makes the award even more meaningful for me. I am especially grateful for the guidance and support given by my lecturers at USMC and my former tutors who equipped me with the basic knowledge and discipline to succeed. Support from my family and friends are also important factors to succeed.”

Yap Jun Hou , 21 – Kuala Lumpur (Methodist College)
Jun Hou is a very bright student and a talented athlete. He was the President of the USMC Basketball Club last year, and is a Member of World Ving Chun Federation, a form of Martial Arts. He competed in the World Ving Chun Championship 2011, winning three bronze medals, and is a member of the USMC Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Club. He organised his own internship over the summer period earlier this year, working for Lotus Cars Malaysia as a Trainee Technician, and enjoyed learning from experienced professionals in the work environment.

“I’m very glad to be awarded the Lloyd’s Register Foundation Scholarship and it’s an honour to become one of the first ever Lloyd’s Register Foundation’s Scholarship recipients at the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus. I’m very grateful and now have a stronger belief that hard work does pay off. I would like to express my most sincere gratitude towards the USMC lecturers, my family and friends who have been helping, supporting and showing faith in me all along. Thank you.”

Following the ceremony, Professor Ajit Shenoi, Director of the Southampton Marine and Maritime Institute at the University of Southampton, delivered a public lecture entitled ‘101 roles for maritime engineers - challenges and opportunities for maritime engineers in the 21st Century.’

Professor Shenoi, the Lloyd’s Register / Royal Academy of Engineering Research Professor in Lightweight Structures placed an emphasis on climate change and the need to provide for the well-being of an ever-growing world population as the twin global challenges the industry is facing. The lecture also highlighted pivotal research being carried out at the University on the key role in promoting knowledge and finding solutions pertinent to living in the 21st century.

Professor Ajit Shenoi
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