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Lotus Cars internship helps Malaysian student in his studies

Published: 25 June 2014
Yap Jun Hou at Lotus factory

Yap Jun Hou secured an internship in his first year of study which has significantly helped him in his second year of study at our Malaysia Campus.

What degree are you studying?
I'm currently a second year MEng Mechanical Engineering student. I have chosen Aerospace as my third and fourth year pathway.

Why did you choose to do an internship?
I chose to do an internship during my first year’s summer break, mainly to improve my technical and hands-on skills. It also gave me an insight in the automotive industry.

Which company did you choose?
I walked into Lotus Cars Malaysia with my CV and without an interview appointment. Fortunately, they were looking for an intern to help with an ongoing project and that's how I got my internship.

What did the work involve?
The project involved disassembling the entire vehicle for the purpose of repairing and replacing damaged parts. After completion, I was required to inspect the vehicles to make sure they were in proper working order. All the tasks assigned were supervised by a well-trained senior. I was also fortunate to assist three Lotus Engineers who travelled to Malaysia to carry out their assigned tasks during my time at Lotus Cars Malaysia.

What did you learn from your internship?
I obtained valuable knowledge on how different parts of the vehicle operate, such as the supercharger and turbocharger. I subsequently learnt the in-depth theory in my Year 2 Thermodynamics module. Additionally, the internship gave me opportunities to learn and use different technologies, from the wheel balancing machines to the wheel alignment sensors. I also had the opportunity to observe and perform these tasks under well-trained seniors’ supervision. Having the chance to work with experienced Lotus Cars Malaysia senior managers was a valuable experience.

What were the most useful skills you gained?
My hands-on skills have been greatly improved from my internship, which really helps in my Year 2 Design project.

How has it benefited your degree studies?
Having seen and worked with various parts of a vehicle, gives me a better understanding of the theories and examples given during lectures, which are mostly real world applications.

It has given me wider options and has increased my interest in the automotive industry especially in Formula One, having worked with sports cars. I now have a strong interest in both aerospace and automotive industries and I would love to get myself involved in either of them in the future.

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