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TEDx arrives in University of Southampton Malaysia

Published: 17 October 2017
The TEDxUSMC team is composed of Year 1 and 2 engineering students.

A team of engineering students recently brought in TEDx in the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus, making it the hub of new ideas in EduCity. An offshoot of the well-known TED, TEDx is a programme of independently organised events with the aim to bring people together to share ideas and spark deep discussion.

The TEDxUSMC team is composed of Year 1 and 2 engineering students: Yew Jun Ying (Mech), Goh Lian Ming (Aero), Brian Heng Aik En (Mech), Kevin Law (Mech), Lee Jun Xuan (EEE), Wong Jun Jet (EEE), Zhoriif Shamsudin (EEE), Jeremy Weber (Mech) and Sean Ng (Mech).

Through hosting the TEDx events in the Malaysia Campus, these passionate students demonstrate their commitment to providing their fellow students with opportunities that enrich their experience and bring them together with experts from various organisations to exchange their ideas and expertise.  

‘‘Engineering students are indeed tough as nails! But like nails, we sometimes need a hammer to give us a push into our places in life,’’ observed Jeremy, an international student and the marketing & communications director at TEDx.

‘‘Engineering covers such a wide range of topics and fields that it is almost impossible to find a preference, as highlighted by the strenuous schedule and the long list of different subjects. By starting up the TEDxUSMC initiative and working under the TEDx motto of ‘Ideas worth Sharing’, we want to help students find their true passion by presenting talks that could inspire and hopefully light a fire burning in their hearts to start pursuing the direction that they want.’’

Securing the license to setting a new TEDx community was not an easy feat, it brought some challenges such as going through an application process that required Skype interviews with representatives at the TED headquarters.  

Jun Ying, the organisation’s lead organiser recounted: ‘’After submitting the application form with our proposed dates, we had to wait for weeks for the results since registering an event can’t happen in a day. We went through an interview wherein we shared our plans for our event and the tentative subjects that we would like to have.’’

‘‘As a team we strongly believe that those challenges can be dealt with an efficient and timely manner. The main challenge of organising our first event is still in its growth stage, and although we acknowledge that it will be a test of our organisational skills, we are all ready for what is to come and excited to bring an amazing day to Malaysia Campus and EduCity.’’

TEDxUSMC will be having its first event this 2 December and is currently looking for potential speakers. Themed ‘Our True Selves & Purpose’, the first event aims to share with the audience modern views and reflections on the topic of discovering and defining their one true calling. It will be held at the EduCity Multivarsity Auditorium.

‘’In the months leading up to our first event, TEDxUSMC will be hosting ‘Salon’ sessions with the aim of educating the public on what TEDx is all about, what they can expect to see at our first event. At these ‘Salon’ events, groups of people can sit down together and watch TEDx talks that relate to our event and discover the true power of TEDx,’’ said Lian Ming, co-organiser/curator.

To learn more about TEDxUSMC and be part of its programmes, visit

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