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Machines taking over our jobs? Southampton academic weighs in on the issue

Published: 5 December 2017
Prof. Peter Smith
Prof. Peter Smith is Pro Vice-Chancellor Int'l and Professor of Optoelectronics at Southampton

The idea of automation terrifies for some people.

A report predicts that about 800 million jobs could be lost worldwide to automation and artificial intelligence. But for the University of Southampton’s Prof. Peter Smith, the excitement about the role of disruptive innovation in improving education and livelihood is a good thing.

In a special roundtable session with leaders of EduCity, Prof. Smith was quoted saying: ‘’I think we (engineers) are the ones creating the disruptive technology in the first place.’’

According to Prof. Smith, skills in numeracy, critical thinking, communication and data analysis are crucial in dealing with structural changes such as disruptive technologies. He added that developing a disruption ready workforce is not a challenge for universities, provided that the students work alongside the researchers and staff is doing active research.

For the full video of the roundtable session, please click this YouTube Link.


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