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University of Southampton welcomes latest NSS results

Published: 17 August 2018
Overall satisfaction is high
Overall satisfaction is high amongst Aerospace Engineering students at 89 per cent

The University of Southampton (UoS) has welcomed the latest results of the National Student Survey (NSS) in which the university improved its overall satisfaction score to 84 per cent - up on last year’s survey and ahead of the sector average.

The improvement is a reflection of the University’s strategy and concerted effort to enhance academic support, learning resources, teaching management, assessment, personal development and satisfaction.

The results are a key indicator of the experience of final-year students at the University throughout their undergraduate studies. Over 70% per cent of Southampton’s final year students, including students who did their first two years in the University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM), gave the university marks for the quality of the learning and teaching experience.

In specific subject areas, overall satisfaction is high amongst Aerospace Engineering students at 89 per cent with 87 per cent expressing overall satisfaction with the teaching on their course. In Mechanical Engineering, 84 per cent of students expressed overall satisfaction, with 85 per cent of students in Electrical and Electronics Engineering satisfied with the teaching on their course, and 89 per cent satisfied with the learning resources.

Professor Sir Christopher Snowden, President and Vice-Chancellor of UoS, comments, “This improvement compared with last year and especially our improved position against many of our competitors, is a further indication that our strategy is working. The hard work of colleagues across the University has led to improvements against last year in 20 of the 27 NSS questions. We should not be complacent though: there is still considerable scope for continued improvement in many areas.”

Professor Rebecca Taylor, CEO and Pro-Vice-Chancellor (ASEAN) of UoSM, adds, “It is gratifying to know that students are pleased with the education they receive at Southampton. These results are the reflection of our commitment to the quality of the academic and social experience that our students receive. Although the results are good, we also acknowledge the categories that require improvement and here in Malaysia, our academic and professional staff are working closely to bring further positive changes to come.’’

UoSM students spend the first two years of the MEng degree in Malaysia and the final two years on the Highfield Campus in Southampton. They receive the same course content and teaching quality as students in the UK, and graduate with a master’s degree from an internationally recognised university.

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