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Published: 13 February 2019
To date, the university has provided scholarships to engineering students for six consecutive years.

Every year, the University of Southampton Malaysia (UoSM) sponsors scholarships for SPM leavers and pre-university students who are interested in pursuing a degree in Engineering. These bond-free scholarships are open to both Malaysian and international applicants, and are based on academic excellence and achievement.

‘’These scholarships are a reflection of Southampton Malaysia’s mission to ensure a robust pipeline of engineering talent is entering the engineering profession,’’ said Professor Neil Stephen, the Head of Academic Affairs at UoSM.

Up to 100% scholarships available

From Foundation Year to undergraduate applicants, UoSM offers a wide range of scholarships. The scholarships cover main fields of study in engineering: Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Aeronautics and Astronautics. These scholarships include:

Engineering Foundation Year

  • Top Achiever scholarships – this 100% scholarship award is available to students who have 8A* and above in SPM/O level or equivalent.
  • High Achiever scholarships – this scholarships offers 10%, 25%, and 50% reduction in tuition fees for students who have achieved 5-8As in SPM/4A*s in O level, 9-10 As in SPM/5A*s in O level, and 11As and above in SPM/6A*s in O level, respectively. 
  • Dean’s Progression scholarships – this scholarship is awarded to Foundation Year students who have successfully progressed onto an undergraduate programme at UoSM.

Undergraduate Programme

  • Top Achiever Scholarship – 100% scholarships are awarded to all students achieving a minimum of 4A*s in A levels (or 3A*s and 1 A) or equivalent.
  • Exceptional Achiever Scholarship – 60% scholarships are awarded to all students achieving a minimum of 3A* in A levels or equivalent.
  • High Achiever Scholarships: - 25% scholarships are awarded to all students achieving A*A*A in A levels or equivalent.
  • Transition Bursaries – 20% scholarships are awarded to all students who successfully progress from Year 2 at our campus to Years 3 and 4 at our Southampton Campus. Students must study and complete both Years 1 and 2 at UoSM in order to receive this scholarship. The bursary is a reduction in tuition fees. No separate application is needed, students are automatically considered.

The scholarships are a reduction of tuition fees and are applicable for the first year of study only. To date, the university has provided scholarships to engineering students for six consecutive years. Last year, the university awarded scholarships worth RM194,000.

A launch pad for dreams

‘‘The Dean’s Progression Scholarship has motivated me in my undergraduate course. With the scholarship, I am able to sustain my academic funding and gain freedom to further nurture my robotics hobby as the parts can come costly,’’ says Chia Tze Hank, a Year 1 engineering student at UoSM.

Hank, who is now the president of the University’s Robotics Club notes that since joining UoSM for its foundation year programme, his passion for building robots has become more serious.

‘’I have built robots such as Wall-E, the university’s hornbill robot, snake robot, Line-following robot and a Facebook Like counter to keep track of my club’s page performance. My next motive is to venture on IoT devices that allow me to digitise house appliances on energy conservation and security.’’

Former A-level student Angus Khaw Han Zhe received the full scholarship award for the first year of his studies.

‘’A career in research and development intrigues me. I simply wish to contribute to the evolution of human technology. An earth-shattering breakthrough would be the ultimate dream, but a small step forward would be just as satisfying, because it would mean that I left the world better than it was”, Angus said. He plans to pursue a career in research once he finishes his integrated Masters.

April intake applications for Engineering Foundation Year are due on the 8th of April while undergraduate applications are ongoing until 16th September. For more information regarding programmes and scholarships, contact the university at +6017 2615759 or email us at

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