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Pervasive Sensing and your Smartphone: Aiding Memory and Finding the Invisible Seminar

16:30 - 17:30
23 October 2013
Lecture Theatre Room 2015

For more information regarding this seminar, please telephone Dr Geoff Merrett on +44 (0)23 8059 2775 or email .

Event details

Applications of pervasive sensing using smarphones to aid people who suffer from memory loss and to detect insects which are otherwise virtually undetectable.

Sensors are interleaved into society, instrumenting considerable aspects of our lives without our comprehension. Sensors such as the MEMS accelerometer have transitioned from their original domains to applications that they were never conceived for: from games controllers to contextually rotating the screen in virtually every smartphone.

Smartphones are incredibly powerful wireless sensing devices, and are incredibly widespread with an estimated 1.4 billion users by December 2013.

In this seminar, Dr Merrett will discuss two applications of pervasive sensing using smartphones that his research team have been working on at Southampton: 1) to aid people who suffer from memory loss, and 2) to detect insects that are otherwise virtually undetectable.

Speaker information

Dr Geoff Merrett, University of Southampton. Dr Geoff Merrett is a Senior Lecturer in the School of Electronics and Computer Science, based in the Electronic and Software Systems Group. He was awarded a first class honours degree in Electronic Engineering from the University of Southampton in 2004, where he subsequently studied for a PhD. He was awarded his PhD in March 2009 for his thesis on "Energy- and Information-Managed Wireless Sensor Networks: Modelling and Simulation." His research interests are in energy-aware wireless sensing and sensor networks, energy harvesting, modelling and simulation, pervasive healthcare and wearable devices.

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