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University of Southampton Malaysia

Development of atomic layer deposition of ZnO semiconductor for nanoelectronic and photonic device applications Seminar

14:00 - 14:40
25 April 2014
Lecture Theatre Room 1019

Event details

Due to the improvement of chemical vapour deposition technology, II-VI materials are experiencing a resurgence as semiconductors for electronic and photonic device technology.

Out of the II-VI semiconductor family, zinc oxide (ZnO) has shown great potential for transistor in integrated circuit, UV photodetector and plasmonic switch application.
ZnO is a direct and wide bandgap material with bandgap energy of 3.37eV, optical transparency from the visible to the mid-infrared spectrum, high bulk mobility and high thermal conductivity. In the seminar, an overview of how atomic layer deposition technique developed at the Southampton Nanofabrication Centre is used to produce high quality ZnO semiconductor film for the fabrication of nanowire field effect transistors for transparent electronics and biosensing; and unipolar optical waveguide switches for data communication application.

Speaker information

Dr Harold MH Chong,joined the Nano Research group as lecturer in the School of Electronics and Computer Science at the University of Southampton since October 2007.

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