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Postgraduate research opportunities

Photo of Ivan T.Y. Ling
Working towards a PhD at Southampton is a very enjoyable experience. I’ve found my supervisors to be incredibly supportive, providing feedback and advice constantly.
Ivan T.Y. LingPhD, Engineering and Environment

Our academic lecturers are currently working on a number of exciting research projects and there are opportunities available for PhD students and research assistants/interns to join them. Please contact the lecturers directly if you are interested in their research project and opportunity to pursue a postgraduate degree with us. Find out more about these projects below.

Name Discipline Title
Prof Neil Stephen Mechanical 1. Analysis of repetitive structures.
Assoc. Prof Dr Suhaila Sanip Mechanical 1. Thin film transparent graphene electrode for organic solar cells.

2. Functionalization of carbon nanotubes for energy applications.
Dr Low Siow Yong
Electrical and Electronics 1. Acoustic signal processing.
Dr Jo-Han Ng
Mechanical / Chemical 1. Reaction Kinetics Mechanism of a Novel Enhanced-Mixing Transesterification for Biodiesel Production.

2. Combustion and Emissions Analysis of Biodiesel-Glycerol in Combustion Engines.

3. High-Yield 3rd Generation Biodiesel from Algae and Yeast.
Dr Khong Wui Gan Mechanical 1. Recycling fibre-reinforced composites for high-value structural applications.

2. Highly localised through-thickness compression loading and failure mechanism in composite laminates.

3. Experimental investigation and modelling of adgesively-bonded composite joints.

4. Contaminations and defects in bondlines of composite laminates.
Assoc. Prof Dr Mihai Rotaru
Electrical and Electronics 1. Electromagnetic modelling, design and optimisation of HTS generator for wind turbine applications.

2. Fano resonances structures for label free bio and chemical sensing applications.

3. Electromagnetic Design and Optimization of Brushless Doubly-Fed Reluctance Machine for Wind Power Applications.

4. Future Vehicle Electrical Power Systems.
Assoc. Prof Dr Seung Hwan Won
Electrical and Electronics 1. Cell Search Schemes and Strategies for 5G Millimetre Wave Mobile Communication Systems.

2. Adaptive Beamforming and Spatial Multiplexing Schemes and Strategies for 5G Millimetre Wave Mobile Communication Systems.
Dr Pu Suan-Hui Mechanical/Electrical and Electronics/ Physics 1. Wearable sensors for health and lifestyle monitoring.

2. Other topics: MEMS sensors, energy harvesting, IoT for agriculture, IoT for smart cities.
Dr Lee Sze Sing Electrical and Electronics 1. Control of Power Converters for Distributed Renewable Power Generation System.

2. New Boost Power Inverter with Hybrid PWM for Efficient Renewable Distributed Generation.

3. Improved Direct Torque Control of Induction Motor Drive for Plug-in Electric Vehicle.
Dr Jing Huey Khor Electrical and Electronics

1. Design of electronic fingerprint of UHF RFID tag for counterfeit protection mechanism.

2. Development of indoor positioning system using RFID technology.

3. Enhanced Zero Knowledge Proof to Preserve Privacy in Blockchain Technology (collaboration with A*Star)

Dr Lim Chee Shen Electrical and Electronics 1. Power Quality Improvement of the Future Smart Grid/Microgrid

Dr Grace Mei Ting Chai


Electrical and Electronics

1. Thermally Stable Optoelectronic Devices

2. Fabrication and Characterisation of New Semiconductor Materials for Biochemical Sensing Purposes

Dr Kok Foo Ngai Aeronautics and Astronautics 1. Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Flow Separation in Diverging Tees
Dr Varun Thangamani Aeronautics and Astronautics 1. Oscillation Control in Cylindrical Cavity Flows

Dr Kok Geng Lim 

Electrical and Electronics 1. Compositionally graded ferroelectric superlattices

Dr Ch'ng Shiau  Ying


Mechanical Engineering 1. Development and Characterisation of Starch-based packaging Films
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