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Postgraduate research opportunities

Photo of Dr Ivan T.Y. Ling
Working towards a PhD at Southampton is a very enjoyable experience. I’ve found my supervisors to be incredibly supportive, providing feedback and advice constantly.
Dr Ivan T.Y. LingPhD, Engineering and Environment

Our academic lecturers are currently working on a number of exciting research projects and there are opportunities available for PhD students and research assistants/interns to join them. Please contact the lecturers directly if you are interested in their research project and opportunity to pursue a postgraduate degree with us. Find out more about these projects below.

Academic Staff and email addressResearch Area(s)Specific Interest(s)PhD Research Project(s)
Dr Suhaila Sanip 
1. Green Technology
2. Material and Polymer
1. Graphene
2. Organic Solar Cell
1. Surface-energy studies on graphene film for organic solar cell applications (On-going)
2. Thin Film Transparent Graphene Electrode for Organic Solar Cell (Open for PhD application)
Dr Gan Khong Wui

1. Aerospace
2. Material & Manufacturing  3.Mechanical and Manufacturing


1. Fibre reinforced composites
2. Smart multifunctional materials
1. Generating pseudo-ductility in hybrid short/continuous fibre-reinforced composites using recycled carbon fibres (open for PhD application)
2. Laser-induced graphene for health monitoring of composite materials (open for PhD application) 
Dr Pu Suan Hui
1. Mechanical & Manufacturing
2. Electrical and Electronic
3. Material and Polymer
1. Printed sensors and electronics
2. Flexible electronics
3. MEMS sensors and devices

1. Printed electronics for wearable sensing in health-monitoring applications (Open for PhD application)
2. Nano-graphite/graphene based electronic devices (on-going)
3. Organo-metal halide perovskite sensors (on-going)

4.Inkjet-printed graphene-silver nanocomposite for sustainable additive manufacturing (open for PhD application)

Dr Won Seung Hwan
1. Electrical and Electronic
2. Artificial Intelligence
1. Intelligent wireless communication
2. Autonomous UAV
1. Intelligent Post-New Radio Communications for the ‘Always-On’ Information Society
2. Intelligent Drone Navigation under Tree Canopy and Its Blockchain Aided Data Post-Processing
Dr Jing Huey Khor
1. Computer network
2. Information system
1. Privacy preserving protocol
2. Internet of Things (IoT)
3. Blockchain technology
1. Lightweight Blockchain Consensus Algorithm for Resource-constrained IoT Devices (open for phd application)
2. Enhanced Zero Knowledge Proof to Preserve Privacy in Blockchain Technology (open for phd application)
Karim Ashari

Repetitive structure

Vibrational characteristics of repetitive structure embedded with acoustic black hole (open for PhD application)
Dr. Ch’ng Shiau Ying
1. Material and Polymer
2. Mechanical & Manufacturing
1. Electrospun membranes
2. Constitutive modeling
Constitutive modeling of mechanical properties of electrospun polymeric membranes

Dr Kok-Geng Lim 

1. Physics
2. Material Science

1. Ferroelectrics, Landau-Ginzburg theory
2. Yang-Mills-Higgs theory Coatings
3. General Relativity 

1. Phenomenological studies of compositionally graded ferroelectric superlattices (open for PhD application)
2. Dyonic wormhole in Einstein-Yang-Mills-Higgs theory (open for PhD application)

Dr Foo Kok

1. Energy
2. Infrastructure and Transportation

1. Turbulent pipe flow
2. Swirling flow
3. Biofluid mechanics

1. Mechanism and effect of flow oscillation in turbulent pipe flow with swirl (Open for PhD application)
Dr Low Siow Yong
1. Electrical and Electronic
2. Artificial intelligence
1. Acoustics signal processing
2. Features identification and learning algorithms
1. Speech intelligibility enhancement (Open for PhD application)
2. Deep Neural Networks for Blind Source Separation (Open for PhD application)
3. Sensor array networks optimization (on-going)
Dr Wong Kok Hoe
1. Green Technology
2. Energy
1. Wind turbine
2. Computational Fluid Dynamics
1. Variable diameter vertical axis wind turbine
2. Aerodynamic performance of a biomimetic wind turbine inspired by ventral pleats
Dr Ahmad Syahrin Idris
1. Opto-electronics
2. Electrical and Electronics
1. Fabrication and characterization of photonic integrated circuits
2. Design-for-test
1. Design, development and test of photonic integrated circuits
Dr Chin Vun Jack
1. Electrical and Electronics
2. Green Technology
1. Solar photovoltaic systems
2. Soft computing techniques
3. Hybrid renewable energy systems
1. Metaheuristics-based dynamic reconfiguration strategy to mitigate photovoltaic array mismatch loss due to partial shading conditions (open for PhD applications)
2. Comprehensive monitoring and fault diagnosis of photovoltaic system utilizing online parameter extraction of current-voltage characteristics (open for PhD applications)
Dr. Azam Ahmad Bakir
1. Mechanical
2. Basic Medical Sciences
1. Cardiovascular and Brain Physiological modelling
2. Development of novel medical devices and diagnostic tools
1. Modelling electromechanical interaction of myocardium and coronary circulation for investigation of cardiovascular diseases
Dr. Varun Thangamani
1. Aerospace
2. Green Technology
1. Aerodynamics
2. Flow oscillations
3. Flow diagnostics
1. Energy harnessing from Vortex Induced Vibrations
Dr. Beh Shiao Lin
1. Energy
2. Green Technology
3. Mechanical and Manufacturing
1. Fluid mechanics
2. Energy conversion
1. Performance of gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant (Open for PhD application)
Dr Ng Jo-Han
1. Energy
2. Green Technology
3. Aerospace
1. Aviation fuel
2. Biodiesel
3. Energy-Water-Food Nexus
1. Biojet Fuels for Green and Sustainable Aviation (open for PhD application)
2. Sustainable Hydrogenated Biodiesel from Waste Cooking Oil via Intensified Transesterification Processes (open for PhD application)
3. Microfluidic Devices for Sustainable Biodiesel Transesterification (open for PhD application)
Dr Ivan Ling Ting Yang
1. Electrical and electronic
2. Hardware design
3. Artificial intelligence
1. Smart/novel sensors design using nanofabrication
2. AI for sensor data classification
1. Design and characterization of flexible gas sensors for wearable electronics application
Dr Grace Chai Mei Ting
1. Technology and Engineering
2. Pure and Applied Science
1. Electrical and Electronic
2. Material Science
1. Fabrication of carbon-doped ZnO using mechanical activation method for photo-catalysis application
2. Luminescence study on carbon-doped ZnO for photo-catalysis application

Dr. Adrian Wei-Yee Tan 

1. Mechanical & Manufacturing
2. Material Science  

1.Additive manufacturing
2. Thermal spray technology
3. Coatings

1. Study of thermal sprayed coatings for automotive and aerospace applications 
2. Laser welding of metallic materials for industrial applications
3. Study of metallic depositions by MIG welding for restoration of metal structures


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