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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Malaysia

Research project: Acoustic Signal Processing

Currently Active: 

Acoustic signal processing involves the mathematical manipulation of acoustic signals. As such, signal processing has found itself in a myriad of applications. However, the performance related to assistive listening devices and hearing aids is still a work in progress. This is because we live in a noisy world and acoustic noise is the stumbling block for applications with a voice/speech interface.


The broad aim of this research is to improve the speech intelligibility associated with the aforementioned applications. The specific research areas are as follows:

Single channel approach

  • Modulation domains processing
    • Modulation domain may hold new information in which conventional time-frequency may not.
  • Compressive speech enhancement
    • Exploring speech sparsity to aid enhancement.

Multi-channel approach

  • Blind signal separation/ blind signal extraction/beamspace processing
    • Maximising the use of spatial information in a relaxed geometry environment.
  • Distributed microphones approach
    • Optimising placement of microphones.
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