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University of Southampton Malaysia

Research project: Compositionally graded ferroelectric superlattices

Currently Active: 

The compositionally graded ferroelectric based on a lead-free solid solution system such as BaxSr1-xTiO3 can exhibit large polarization gradients and desirable temperature-stable susceptibilities. This novel solid solution is not only in compliance with the future lead-free trend but also to meet the requirement of a large piezoelectric response of ferroelectrics for modern electronic applications. Therefore, it will be very interesting if we could engineer a compositionally graded ferroelectric with superlattice or multilayer structure by tailoring their composition at the atomic level. It is anticipated that through the interface effect at the layer-interfaces, exceptional or unusual physical properties and functionalities can be obtained which are unachievable in bulk and ferroelectrics thin films. Hence, this research is to develop a thermodynamic model based on the Landau-Ginzburg theory to study the fundamental physical properties of compositionally graded ferroelectric superlattices. A theoretical study on the fundamental physical properties is very crucial in the fabrication of compositionally graded ferroelectric superlattices for technological applications, for instance: transducers, high permittivity dielectrics, pyroelectric sensors, piezoelectric devices, tunable ferroelectric capacitor and et al.

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