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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Malaysia

Research project: Control of Power Converters for Distributed Renewable Power Generation System

Currently Active: 

Distributed generation systems (DGs) based on renewable sources are increasing in recent years as a result of rapidly increasing energy consumption, steadily reducing energy sources and climate change.

Power electronics converters, i.e. inverter play an important role for converting the electricity generated from renewable sources into usable form needed by the utility power grid. Controlling these power converters is a challenging task due to strict interconnection requirements (grid code compliance) on power quality control, real and reactive power control etc. Voltage distortions cause reduction of the lifetime of equipment, erroneous tripping of the equipment, and damage to equipment. Current distortions compounded with high feeder impedance in a low voltage system could cause undesirable voltage distortions as well. As the number of distributed generation increases, the level of power quality disturbances may increase beyond the acceptable limit. This work look into advanced control strategies for Voltage Source Inverter (VSI) based on Iterative Leaning Control (ILC), i.e. repetitive control to mitigate power quality issues of DGs. The system should be actively controlled so that it is capable of operating in both grid connected and islanding mode and meet very high technical standards, such as voltage and frequency control, active and reactive power control, quick responses during faults in the utility grid and harmonics minimisation.

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