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Key activities timetable

Please note the information on this page is designed for students who arrived in the UK in 2019. The information will be updated once the key dates and activities have been confirmed for students transitioning in 2020.

This document has been developed to offer you a comprehensive timetable, encompassing all of the activities and actions that you need to undertake as part of your transition to the UK. The document aims to make it as clear as possible exactly what you need to do and when, and to confirm what information and assistance will be available to you and when.

This is a very important guide that you should fully familiarise yourself with, and aims to compliment the fuller information on the various transition activities available within this website. The document will be updated as new information becomes available or if changes to the timetable need to be made, so please ensure that you remain up to date with the current version. As it is amended, the date of amendment will be shown for your further information.

Please read in conjunction with the Student Services 'Transitioning to the UK to complete studies' site.

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