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For undergraduate students, the cost of obtaining an engineering degree at our University of Southampton Malaysia Campus (two years in Malaysia and two years in the UK) is around 65 per cent* of the cost of obtaining the same degree in the UK only.

You will also make additional savings on living expenses and accommodation by studying in Malaysia for the first two years rather than only in the UK. If you are unaccompanied, the cost of living in Malaysia (in addition to tuition fees) is usually around RM1,200-RM1,500 per month. 

Undergraduate fees

  Fees 2017/18
Malaysian applicants  
Years 1 and 2 (in Malaysia) RM47,300 per annum 
Years 3 and 4 (in the UK) £19,725† per annum
International applicants  
Years 1 and 2 (in Malaysia) RM53,800 per annum
Years 3 and 4 (in the UK) £19,725† per annum

Tuition fees for years 1 and 2 are payable in Malaysian Ringgits.

Tuition fees for years 3 and 4 are payable in pounds sterling.

† The fees listed for years 3 and 4 (in the UK) will be subject to a 20% Transition Bursary for all Malaysia Campus students who have passed years one and two at the Malaysia Campus. Fees shown are fixed for the duration of the programme.


It is the policy of the University to issue refunds where appropriate to students who withdraw or suspend from their course. The amount of the refund will depend on the timing of the withdrawal and the program of study being followed by the student.

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* This figure is based on international tuition fees, includes the 20% Transition Bursary and uses the exchange rate £1 = MYR 5.3 as of September 2016. The cost of studying the same degree in the UK (4 years in the UK) is £19,725 per annum.

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