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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton MalaysiaUndergraduate

Brandon See MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Internship at Astronautics Research Group, University of Southampton

Brandon See's Photo

This internship allowed me to learn from the European Space Agency (ESA) experts, particularly on project management.

What degree are you studying?

I am studying MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering, in the School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS)

Why did you choose to do an internship?

Internships allow me to learn from the industrial experts and to have an insight of real-world practices.

Which company did you choose?

I completed an internship with the Astronautic Research Group of University of Southampton.

What did the work involve?

My work involved the testing and debugging of a Cube Satellite (UoS3).

What did you learn from your internship?

This internship allowed me to learn from European Space Agency (ESA) experts particularly on project management. Different project management approaches were used as this project involved different subsystems which were handled by 8 students. Team coordination is of utmost importance when working in a group to minimise any miscommunication and error.

What were the most useful skills you gained?

The most useful skill I learnt was teamwork within an engineering team. Working in an 8-man group, I also learnt that communication between each member is key to the success of a project. This internship provided a platform for learning and practising teamwork which is essential in any engineering firm/company.

How has it benefited your degree studies?

Even though the technical skills applied in the internship were already known, the internship allowed me to hone my skills which are widely used in my degree and even in industry.

The project management methods that I was exposed to during the internship will definitely be beneficial to my final year group design project.

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