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At the University of Southampton, we’re committed to the highest standards of teaching and research. Year after year, our students declare themselves highly satisfied with their experience here. Students of our Malaysia Campus share the same world class education and exceptional student experience.

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Photo of Jeremy Fong
Every lecture will have you asking 'How? Why? What?'
Jeremy Fong - MEng Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Ryan Fung
I was interested in space at a young age, and wanted to design spacecraft as a career.
Ryan Fung - MEng Aeronautics and Astronautics/Spacecraft Engineering 2017
Photo of Hemanth Iyappa Guddanda
The opportunity to mingle with students who study a variety of subjects and come from so many backgrounds was something I learnt from and absolutely cherished.
Hemanth Iyappa Guddanda - MEng Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace
Photo of Tai Jei See
My best experience was being involved in a group project during my second year at the University's Malaysia Campus. The project’s objective was to design and manufacture a robot, which was challenging and initially overwhelming. However, guidance from the lecturers and researching with my team members allowed me to gain the necessary skills to complete the project.
Tai Jei See - MEng Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Lee Ewe  Jin
The attractive 2 + 2 masters degree programme gave me the opportunity to study abroad with a significant reduction in fees.
Lee Ewe Jin - Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Tan Kay Meng (Alan)
Don’t be afraid to talk to other people. See things from their perspective and get the most out of it.
Tan Kay Meng (Alan) - MEng Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Teh Gem Kiat
The theory taught to me was crucial in preparing myself for work when I graduated.
Teh Gem Kiat - MEng in Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Mahmoud Ashraf Hassan Wagih  Mohamed
I chose to study at the University of Southampton because its reputation in engineering is unmatched.
Mahmoud Ashraf Hassan Wagih Mohamed - MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Photo of Sean-Michael  Morais
I’m enjoying the technicality and level of difficulty of the content in the modules that are offered.
Sean-Michael Morais - MEng Aeronautics & Astronautics Engineering
Photo of Lee Ning Zheng
The course content is well structured and the academic staff are experts in their respective fields.
Lee Ning Zheng - MEng Mechanical Engineering/Automotive
Photo of Ryan Prasad
Using engineering principles to shape an idea, then present it to the real world, is an amazing prospect, and this course helps me achieve that.
Ryan Prasad - MEng Mechanical Engineering
Photo of Ariana Quek
The University of Southampton has one of the best reputations in the engineering field.
Ariana Quek - MEng Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace
Photo of Shivank Sharma
Southampton has been a fantastic home away from home. It has everything you need.
Shivank Sharma - MEng in Electrical & Electronics Engineering
Photo of Aaron Teo
My internship taught me to be comfortable with the unknown.
Aaron Teo - MEng Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace
Photo of Lim Wei Yew (Chris)
Most lecturers at the Malaysia Campus recognised all students by name and it really felt like a private lecture most of the time.
Lim Wei Yew (Chris) - MEng Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace
Photo of Tey Wen Yee
The Malaysia Campus really felt like one big family.
Tey Wen Yee - MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2017
Photo of Jun Hou Yap
I like the fact that I learnt skills and knowledge that were relevant to real engineering problems in my course.
Jun Hou Yap - MEng Mechanical Engineering/Aerospace
Photo of Tan Yee Herng
At the Malaysia Campus, the best thing is the small class sizes so you get more attention from the lecturers.
Tan Yee Herng - MEng Mechanical Engineering

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