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The University of Southampton
University of Southampton Malaysia


All applicants to the University of Southampton Malaysia will be eligible for scholarships. These are based on academic excellence and achievement and are open to both Malaysian and international applicants. All scholarships are bond-free.

Undergraduate Programme

ScholarshipEngineering, Computer Science and Economics & Actuarial ScienceBusinessScholarship Value (Engineering)Scholarship Value (Others)
Top Achiever Scholarship A*A*A*A in A level or equivalent A*A*A in A level or equivalent 60% (Year 1) + 40% (Year 2) 60% (Year 1) + 20% (Year 2 & 3)
Exceptional Achiever Scholarship A*A*A* in A level or equivalent A*AA in A level or equivalent RM30,000 RM 25,000
High Achiever Scholarship A*A*A in A level or equivalent AAA in A level or equivalent RM13,000 RM 10,000

Other Bursaries

ScholarshipRequirementScholarship Value
Transition Bursary Only applicable to Engineering programmes students who successfully progress from Year 2 at University of Southampton Malaysia to Year 3 and 4 at our UK Campus in Southampton 20% scholarships of Year 3 and 4 tuition fees
Children of Alumni Bursary Dependent of alumni (either Malaysia or UK campus) 10% discount on tuition fee for first year of your education with UoSM
Sibling Discount Sibling of current students/alumni (either Malaysia or UK campus)

External Sponsorship Bodies

Besides the above scholarships, our students are also eligible for the following external scholarships. Students may refer to the links or contact the sponsors directly for more information.

Terms and conditions

The University reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of its scholarship schemes at any time and will notify prospective / current students accordingly.

Scholarships do not include living expenses and are a reduction in fees. The scholarships are non-transferable and only apply whilst the recipient remains a registered, full-time, active student at University of Southampton Malaysia for the duration of the programme.

For Engineering Undergraduate Programme Scholarship recipients, the students must complete years 1 & 2 of the undergraduate programme at the University of Southampton Malaysia after completion of the Engineering Foundation Year. The recipient will need to refund the scholarship amount in full in the event of a change of university.


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