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The University of Southampton
Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

Dr Mawuli Dzodzomenyo

Round 6 of the NAMRIP Pump Priming calls was restricted to engagement with Low/Middle Income Countries, and this was the first meeting of key personnel from one of the funded projects: ‘StarSaver’. Dr Mawuli Dzodzomenyo (Ghana School of Public Health, University of Ghana) flew to Southampton, and was hosted by NAMRIP member, Dr Jim Wright (Geography), so that the team could meet with Professor Leighton to discuss making the StarStream technology suitable for fitting to bottles of drinking water, to ensure that such water goes from one critical use (rehydration) to two (rehydration and wound cleaning). This will be a major multidisciplinary effort, but the first stage is to ensure the team at Professor Leighton's ultrasonics lab understands the problem, and hence the involvement of Clare Polack (Medicine), Mawuli and Jim. To kickstart their EPSRC pump-priming project under the Global-NAMRIP initiative, the team made excellent progress in discussing how the technology might be usefully deployed.

The project is laying the foundations for a follow-up wound management intervention in Ghana using StarSaver, a device that has the potential to effectively clean wounds with cold water alone, without the need for any chemical additives. Mawuli and Clare both took the opportunity to try a prototype StarStream device, the original ultrasonic cleaning device, also designed at the University of Southampton, for themselves, providing plenty of food for thought about its practical use in sub-Saharan Africa, where there is real need for such technology.

Team members:


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