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Members inspired by current and future projects at Theme 4 workshop

Published: 21 June 2016
Emma Roe's project team
Paul Hurley, Charlotte Veal and Robert Zmijan updating members on their hand hygiene project

New and existing NAMRIP members were welcomed to the latest Theme 4 'AMR-Bridging the Gap' workshop. This theme is focussed around behaviour change within and beyond the health care setting. As well as three presentations, members enjoyed lunch while taking the opportunity to network with members from different disciplines.     

The first presentation was by members of Emma Roe's pump priming project team - Paul Hurley, Charlotte Veal and Robert Zmijan. Their project 'Preventing the spread of infection in hospital care settings' is using imaging tracking technology to map the spread of microbes during routine tasks carried out by nursing staff. The team presented initial findings and some of the challenges involved. In the next stage of the project a video will be produced to help nurses visualise the effect of hand washing. Plenty of questions and discussion followed.


Dr Emma Roe
Dr Emma Roe giving information on Theme 4 funding call

Dr Emma Roe, the NAMRIP lead for this theme, gave an update on the Research Councils AMR Theme 4 funding call. Emma ran through the slides from the Town Hall meeting in Bristol on the 14th June (please contact Yvonne Richardson or Frances Clarke if you would like a copy). The closing date for Pump Priming projects is 20th July and for Expressions of Interest for Collaborative grants the 27th July. A number of potential bid proposals were discussed.  

Professor Tim Leighton gave an update on the latest news from the NAMRIP network including a reminder about the annual conference on Monday 4th July and the results from the NAMRIP Pump Priming competition.

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