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Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

Partnership in demographics and geographic surveillance for AMR between NAMRIP and Navrongo Health Research Centre in Ghana

Published: 12 July 2017
Meeting with CKIs - Ghana
Meeting with Community Key Informants (CKIs) - Ghana

NAMRIP has just been awarded a Commonwealth Professional Fellowship from the Department for International Development - GOV.UK (DFID). The proposal, written by Professor Leighton and Yvonne Richardson, will allow knowledge exchange between George Wak, of the INDEPTH network in Ghana, and members of NAMRIP (notably Jim Wright from the School of Geography, who is the primary host).

George Wak brings experience in the analysis of demographics and geographic information, obtained at the Health and Demographic Surveillance System (HDSS) department of the Navrongo Health Research Centre in Ghana, a discipline that can help understand, mitigate and even off-set the way microbes are transmitted by analysing data from a large number of individuals, categorised by demographic and geographical information.

At Southampton he be embedded for short periods in 4 different teams, specifically:

The Centre for Global Health;

The Centre for Population, Poverty & Policy; and

The Global Health Research Institute.

The Aquatic Engineering and Fisheries team.

Navrongo health research centre - Ghana
Navrongo health research centre - Ghana

For most of the time, George will be embedded in Geography, working with 2 teams on 2 paper-based CaseStudies to examine how his home institution in Ghana can use new investigative methods, and use data from future household surveys and surveillance systems, to identify effective future interventions against the rise of superbugs, and help prevent the spread of infection.  On returning to Ghana, George will be able to assess to what extent these paper-based exercises tally with the reality in Ghana, and extend the reach of his training from the Fellowship by working with colleagues in Ghana to discuss making use of these new techniques and plans, perhaps in future collaborative research projects between Southampton University and Ghana.

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