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Royal Society medal presented to Professor Tim Leighton

Published: 6 September 2018
Professor Tim Leighton
Professor Tim Leighton surrounded by his team

Last evening Professor Tim Leighton was awarded the Clifford Paterson Medal of the Royal Society , giving on the occasion a lecture entitled ‘The acoustic bubble: climate change, spaceships, dolphins, and the antibiotic apocalypse’.

The medal and lecture, given every 2 years to an outstanding researcher in the field of engineering, was presented by Vice-President Ulrike Tillmann. Professor Leighton's lecture covered the full range of his work suggested by the title, including fundamental research sponsored by NAMRIP, which was subsequently picked up for translation by the MRC Confidence in Concept award.

One of many supportive tweets from the evening
One of many supportive tweets from the evening

The lecture was warmly received and he credited the support of his team, both during the lecture and in the lively Q&A session that followed. Professor Leighton is pictured with his team in the Marble Hall of the Royal Society (above, from left to right): David Voegeli, Nikhil Mistry, Maryam Malakoutikhah, Kit Harling, Frances Clarke, John Parker, Tom Secker, Tim Leighton, Mengyang Zhu, Freya Malcher, Christian Cox, Beverly Chong and Yvonne Richardson (missing from the photo are Clint Styles and Craig Dolder).

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