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The University of Southampton
Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

Global-NAMRIP’s Festival of Early Career Research in AMR

Published: 28 June 2019
Poster being presented

On 25th June 2019, Early Career Researchers (ECR’s) from a wide range of disciplines came together for Global-NAMRIP’s Festival of Early Career Research in AMR, Infection Prevention and Vaccination, held at the University of Southampton Boldrewood Innovation Campus.

Poster being presented

Professor Tim Leighton, chair of Global-NAMRIP, presented the opening talk, welcoming NAMRIP members and those new to NAMRIP events including visitors from Hong Kong and Germany.

MSc/PhD students and research fellows presented over 40 posters to a large audience of fellow students, academics, clinicians and guests from government and industry including Public Health England, the Department of Health and Social Care and GlaxoSmithKline.

Poster being presented

It was a great opportunity for ECR’s to meet and network with fellow researchers from different backgrounds working on AMR related projects as well as discuss their research with senior NAMRIP members and our external guests.

Many new connections were made and future collaborations discussed.  

NAMRIP exhibit


We were delighted that Winchester Science Centre transported our NAMRIP exhibit from the Science Centre to our Festival for the day, allowing attendees to try ‘The Most Dangerous Game in the World’. Ben Ward, the Director of the Centre, acted as one of our judges.

Judging of the posters took place throughout the day by our 19 judges. They assigned a mark for both the poster content and verbal explanation of the poster, taking into account the time each ECR had spent on their research. Final marks were quickly added up during afternoon coffee allowing prizes to be presented at the close of the Festival. A selection of the posters can be viewed below.

Professor Tim Leighton was pleased to present the ‘Best Poster by a Postdoctoral Researcher’ to Dr Odel Soren (National Biofilms Innovation Centre) and ‘Best Poster by a PhD/MSc Student’ to Kit Harling (School of Engineering), each receiving a prize of a £250 Amazon voucher.

Odel Soren
Dr Odel Soren receiving her prize
Kit Harling
Kit Harling receiving his prize

Outstanding Poster Prizes (with £100 Amazon voucher) were presented to:


Jaimie Ellis (Health Sciences)
Dr Jaimie Ellis (Health Sciences)
Stephen Poole (NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre)
Dr Stephen Poole (NIHR Southampton Biomedical Research Centre)
Jodie Ackland (Biomedical Science)
Jodie Ackland (Biomedical Science)
Maria Victoria Humbert (Biological Sciences)
Maria Victoria Humbert (Biological Sciences)
Joe Parker (National Biofilms Innovation Centre)
Dr Joe Parker (National Biofilms Innovation Centre)
Morad Faoury (University Hospital Southampton)
Dr Morad Faoury (University Hospital Southampton)
Charlotte Veal (School of Geography and Environmental Science)
Dr Charlotte Veal (School of Geography and Environmental Science)
Bhavik Barochia (National Biofilms Innovation Centre)
Bhavik Barochia (National Biofilms Innovation Centre)

Click on each poster and presenter below to view more information about that poster

Do digital interventions for parents of acutely ill children improve treatment-seeking behaviour? - Dr Merlin Willcox

Help seeking for antibiotics; is the influence of a personal social network relevant? - Dr Jaimie Ellis

UK-China Collaboration to tackle antimicrobial resistance - Dr Xiao-Yang (Mio) Hu

Microfluidic Impedance Citometry as a novel technique for rapid detection/identification of pathogens causing microbial keratitis - Maria Victoria Humbert

Self-organising clay gels for preventing bone infections in orthopaedic graft/implant therapies- Dr Janos Kanczler

Macrophage inflammatory responses to Non-typeable Haemophilus influenzae (NTHi) are strain-dependent - Jodie Ackland

A new rapid molecular test for pathogen detection in pneumonia: first insights into potential antibiotic savings - Dr Stephen Poole

Fabrication of paper-based microfluidic devices via local deposition of photo-polymer followed by UV curing - Dr Peijun He & Dr Ioannis Katis

Mapping microbial stories: Creative microbial aesthetic and cross‐disciplinary intervention in understanding nurses’ infection prevention practices - Dr Charlotte Veal

Feasibility study of Pelargonium sidoides root extract, EPs®7630 (Kaloba®), for the treatment of acute cough due to lower respiratory tract infection in adults: a double blind, placebo controlled randomised trial - Alannah Morgan

ATAFUTI: Alternative Treatments of Adult Female Urinary Tract Infection: a double blind, placebo controlled, factorial randomised trial of Uva ursi and open pragmatic trial of ibuprofen - Catherine Simpson

High-Resolution Genotyping Methods Rule Out Urogenital Chlamydia trachomatis in ocular infection of an eight-year-old child recently resident in Afghanistan - Chloe Manning

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