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The University of Southampton
Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

NAMRIP summer conference 2017 - With Guest speakers Lord O'Neill of Gatley and Lord Selborne Event

09:00 - 17:00
5 June 2017
Botley Park Hotel, Winchester Road, Boorley Green, Southampton, SO32 2UA,

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Event details

Introduced by Professor Mark Spearing, Vice President, Research and Enterprise, University of Southampton, and entitled: 'Bridging the Gap between Engineering and non-Engineering research to fight AntiMicrobial Resistance,' the conference celebrates work undertaken in the duration of our EPSRC AMR 'Bridging the Gap' funding, 2015-2017.

try out the exhibits

Lord O'Neill of Gatley Chaired the UK Government's AMR Review and Lord Selborne, who was Chancellor of the University of Southampton from 1996 - 2006, represents UK Government policy on AMR in the House of Lords.

Join us to hear results from some of the many pump priming projects that were funded from our EPSRC Network for Antimicrobial Action 'Bridging the Gap' call funding. Topics range from changing behaviour in healthcare settings to how laser printing can make a paper based low-cost diagnostic tool to combat TB. We will present a picture of an on-going battle against Anti-Microbial Resistance (AMR) where research engineers have worked alongside colleagues from social and human sciences and medicine to find solutions to this global problem.

In addition to the talks there will be an interactive exhibition. Our exhibits have seen service at major science festivals around the UK, reaching hundreds of people of all ages to explain the dangers of AMR and what we, as individuals, can do to combat it. There are many new and exciting exhibits this year, including using microfluidics to identify pathogens in the eye; chewing gum to deliver antibiotics and the intriguingly named 'wacky, tacky octopus'.

The conference is free and includes refreshments (on arrival and throughout the day), lunch and a free bus service to and from the venue. An optional dinner costs £35.00. More details below and by clicking the booking link above.






Hear about progress with laser printed paper based diagnostics


  • From 08.30 Registration with tea coffee and pastries available
  • 09.30 Welcome to the conference: Professor Timothy Leighton, Chair of the Network for AntiMicrobial Resistance and Infection Prevention (NAMRIP)
  • 09.45 Introduction to first keynote speaker: Professor Mark Spearing, Vice President, Research and Enterprise, University of Southampton
  • 10.00 Keynote address: Lord O'Neill of Gatley, ‘The global implications of AMR and the UK Government AMR Review’ 
  • 10.40 Questions (chaired by Professor Mark Spearing,) and discussion
  • 11.00 Dr Stephanie Newland, Portfolio Manager Healthcare Technologies Theme, EPSRC
  • 11.10 Break for coffee and a chance to explore the exhibition
  • 11.40 Dr Alison Hill: ‘Rapid pathogen identification using microfluidic impedance cytometry’
  • 11.50 Professor Myron Christodoulides: 'Development of a subunit vaccine for combatting antibiotic-resistant Neisseria gonorrhoeae' 
  • 12.00 Dr Ali Mosayyebi: ‘Microfluidic-based models as a design platform to minimise particle deposition in ureteral stents’
  • 12.10 Dr Ray Allan: ‘Novel NO-donor treatment of biofilm-associated respiratory tract infections’
  • 12.20 Questions Chaired by Professor Rob Eason
  •  13.00 Lunch and more opportunity to network and explore the exhibits
  • 14.00 Professor Tim Leighton: ‘StarStream and StarGlider’
  • 14.10 Dr Sandra Wilks: 'A pilot study to evaluate the effectiveness of StarStream for surgical hand disinfection'
  • 14.20 Dr Tom Secker: ‘The effect of surface roughness on the attachment and removal of MRSA and prion-associated amyloid from surgical surfaces’
  • 14.30 Dr David Voegeli & Mr Kit Harling: ‘A pilot study to evaluate the efficacy of StarStream for wound cleaning of antimicrobial resistant biofilm infections’
  • 14.40 Mr Mengyang Zhu: ‘Ultrasonic cleaning of real world contaminated floor surfaces’
  • 14.50 Questions Chaired by Dr Emma Roe
  • 15.00 Professor Robert Eason: ‘RAPID point-of-care infection detection and antibiotic-resistance TESTing enabled with laser-patterned microfluidic devices (RAPID-TEST)’
  • 15.10 Dr Sandra Wilks: ‘The use of x-ray micro computed tomography (μ-CT) to understand crystalline biofilm blockage in urinary catheters’
  • 15.20 Dr Timothy Millar: ‘Infective endocarditis, biofilms and haematogenous spread of disease’
  • 15.30 Break for tea and coffee and an opportunity to browse exhibition
  • 16.00 Dr Robert Hull: ‘Novel In-vivo imaging of antimicrobial resistant streptococcus pneumoniae biofilms within the Galleria Mellonella animal model’
  • 16.10 Dr Janos Kanczler: ‘Preventing bone infection in bone graft augmentation and impaction bone grafting’
  • 16.20 Professor Paul Elkington: ‘Integrating bioengineering, genetic modification, cell biology and imaging to address the tuberculosis pandemic’
  • 16.30 Dr Emma Roe: ‘Mapping Microbes: An interdisciplinary approach to understanding and promoting hand hygiene in healthcare settings’
  • 16.40 Dr Paul Hurley: ‘Fighting superbugs on the home front: becoming an ecological citizen in your bathroom’
  • 16.50 Discussion and questions, chaired by Professor Timothy Leighton FRS, the Chair of NAMRIP
  • 17.15 reception with wine and nibbles and a last chance to look at the exhibits and network
  • 18.30 Dinner 
  • 19.30 Introduction by Sir Christopher Snowden, President and Vice-Chancellor, University of Southampton
  • 19.45 Speech by guest speaker, Lord Selborne 


Free bus to the venue

There will be a free bus service to the conference. This will leave from the Interchange, Highfield Campus at 08.30 and will return after the conference at 17.30. If you wish to go on this bus, it is essential that you book the event via the booking link at the top of the page to be sure of a place.

Join the Conference Dinner

If, in addition to attending the conference, you would like to join us for dinner, you are very welcome. Please book your place as soon as possible. The charge for the dinner is £35.00 per person.

Full programme

Our final programme will be published in due course and once the conference booklet is launched a copy will be available to download, here. In the meanwhile, click on the booking link above, to reserve your place. The conference is free but please book your place so that the venue can gauge the numbers for catering.

Speaker information

Lord O'Neill of Gatley,House of Lords,Chair of the UK Governments AMR review

Lord Selborne GBE FRS,House of Lords,Lord Selborne will be speaking about his parliamentary involvement with policy development on AMR

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