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Global Network for Anti-Microbial Resistance and Infection Prevention

StarHealer: Project Navrongo

This project is a collaboration between Global-NAMRIP and Navrongo Health Research Centre (which is an INDEPTH Network member site).

Navrongo health research centre - Ghana
Navrongo health research centre - Ghana

In parts of northern Ghana (for example Sissala-East), a person has a 6% chance of not surviving to 28 days. One of the major cause is sepsis brought about by infection following cutting of the umbilical cord. This project will introduce a new invention, StarHealer, which cleans and stimulates accelerated healing in wounds such as this. Both processes reduce the likelihood of infection, and hence sepsis. The aim will be to improve neonatal mortality where it is highest, to bring it to the levels seen elsewhere in northern Ghana (e.g. 1.9% in Kassena-Nankana).

StarSaver - Cleaning Wounds

We do not have funding yet for this. We have raised funds to travel to Ghana in March 2018 to Navrongo Health Research Centre to undertake our Pilot Project. 

Partnership between this Centre, the StarHealer inventors (led by Professor Leighton, FREng FRS), and the umbrella NAMRIP organization in which they work, is key to the planning of this Pilot Phase, which will cover the trial study (choice of sample, end points, methodology, statistical significance, training of staff, number of StarHealers required, ethics approval for study etc.) and the engineering (development of devices that can operate in a rural Ghanaian environment). We will also discuss options for obtaining the funds to undertake Phase II, the actual trials.

Meeting with Community Key Informants (CKIs) - Ghana
Meeting with Community Key Informants (CKIs) - Ghana

Once we have funded and completed Phase II, we will undertake Phase III, which is further roll-out of the StarHealer technology. This consists of:

The initial discussions between Professor Leighton and the lead team member at Navrongo for this project, Dr George Wak, was funded by the Commonwealth Professional Fellowship Scheme from the Department for International Development - GOV.UK (DFID). Funds are being sought to support Phases II onwards.

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