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The University of Southampton
Southampton Nanoscience Group


Nanoscience USRG

Chair :Professor Pavlos Lagoudakis

We have an Advisory group which meets regularly and a series of Nano-champions who represent Nano in the various schools.

There are a series of Groups involved in Nano at Southampton:

Members of NanoUSRG:


Name  Department Interests
Peter Ashburn  ECS vertical CMOS, SiGe carbon nanotube integration
George Attard  Chemistry non-templating, mesoporous materials, lipid membrane, lipid crystals
Darren Bagnall  ECS photovoltaics, planar plasmonics, SiGe quantum dots, ZnO
Phil Bartlett  Chemistry electrochemistry of nanostructures, battery storage
Dmitry Bavykin  FEE TiO2 and other metal oxide nanotubes
Tom Brown  Chemistry DNA, Scorpion probes, genomic diagnostics, QD's
Bill Brockelsby  ORC ultrafast Xray scattering, NSOM
Harold Chong  ECS photonic nanowire devices, photonic crystal structures and nanophotonic integrated circuits
Howard Clark  Medicine nanotoxicology, nanoparticulates in the lung
Rob Eason  ORC periodically-poled lithium niobate, ultrafast laser machining
Tim Elliott   Medicine MHC class I-Peptide complexes
Hans Fangohr   SES computational micro- and nano- magnetism
Vasily Fedotov   ORC metamaterials
Tim Freegarde  Physics atomic trapping, optical trapping
Jeremy Frey   Chemistry ultrafast X-ray scattering, surface SHG
Nic Green  ECS microfluidics, di-electroic spectroscopy
Kees de Groot  ECS lateral CMOS, spintronics
Peter de Groot  Physics nano-magnetics, superconductivity
Martin Grossel  Chemistry dendrimers, quantum dots
Brian Hayden  Chemistry  surface science, combinatorial materials discovery 
Andrew Hector  Chemistry materials synthesis, metal nitrides and charge storage on structured
Matt Himsworth  Physics surfaces stabilization and locking of semiconductor diode lasers
Stewart Jenkins Mathematics surfaces stabilization and locking of semiconductor diode lasers
Liudi Jiang  SES  MEMS and nanomaterials for engineering applications
Alex Johnston  Biological Sciences nanoparticles as drug delivery vehicles
Malgosia Kaczmarek   Physics liquid crystals, phtotorefractivesm ferroelectrics 
Antonios Kanaras Physics inorganic colloidal nanocrystals-interactions of cells and nanoparticles
-Directed self-assembly of nanoparticles using chemical or biomolecular tools (i.e. DNA)
-nanoparticle based photovoltaic devices
Alexey Kavokin Physics semiconductor microcavity theory, nonostructures
Michael Kraft ECS MEMS, microcavities, atom chips
Pavlos Lagoudakis  Physics  organic semiconductors and spintronics, quantum dots/rods` 
Peter Lackie  Medicine  Biological nano-motors, cell ultrastructure, high-resolution microscopy 
Wei Loh ORC Si nanoparticles, fibres
Jens Madsen Medicine nanotoxicology, nanoparticulates in the lung
Tracy Melvin ORC Nio-nano, quantum dot bioconjugates, high throughput screening
Sakellaris Mailis ORC nonlinear & microstructured optical materials
Tim Millar  Medicine biological interactions, toxicity and functionalisation of engineered nanoparticles
Hywel Morgan ECS high throughput screening, microfluidics
Otto Muskens Physics Nanowire materials, plasmonic nanoantennae
Hiroshi Mizuta ECS Nanodevices fabrication technology
Iris Nandhakumar Chemistry/Physics Scanning Probe Microscopy, carbon nanotubes, nanoscale materials, molecular electronics
Tracey Newman Medicine Nanoparticles and the nervous system, microfabrication techniques
Richard Oreffo Medicine Nanomaterials, Nanosurfaces and stem cells for regenerative medicine
John Owen Chemistry electrochemistry, electrochromics, batteries
Greg Parker ECS phtonic crystals, Si optoelectronics
Anna Peacock ORC photonic electronic and plasmonic optical fibres
Hugh Perry Biological Sciences Inflammation in the CNS
Robert Raja Chemistry zeolite catalysis, green chemistry nanoparticles
Peter Roach Chemistry chemical biology, enzyme mechanisms, high throughput screening
Janne Ruostekoski Mathematics  
Tilman Sanchez-Elsner Medicine supercritical fluid nano-deposition, filled holey fibres
Pier Sazio ORC supercritical fluid nano-deposition, filled holey fibres
Chris-Kriton Skylaris Chemistry modelling of nano-structures
David Smith


carbon nanotubes, mesoporous materials, supercritical fluid nano-deposition
Peter Smith ORC periodically poled lithium niobate Bragg grating sensors
Peter J Smith Institute for Life Sciences (IfLS) electrosensor and imaging developments
Mark Spearing SES nanoscale wafer bonding, MEMS
Eugen Stulz Chemistry porphyrin assembly, molecular electronics
Philipp Thurner Engineeering Sciences • nanostructure and nanomechanics of biological tissues
• Biomimetic materialsinterferometry
Hendrik Ulbricht Physcis Quantum Nanophysics and Matter Wave interferometry
Mark Weller Chemistry structural colour
Richard Whitby Chemistry molecular nano-electronics
James Wilkinson ORC planar waveguilde lasers, waveguide biosensing, photonic crystals
Klaus-Peter Zauner ECS molecular computing, molecular- and nano-robotics,self-assembly
Nikolay Zheludev ORC planar metamaterials, plasmonics, nonphotonics


Pavlos Lagoudakis
Pavlos Lagoudakis
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