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The University of Southampton
Southampton Nanoscience Group


Funded Multidisciplinary Projects within NanoScience USRG 

Recent publications
Parametric study of the rapid fabrication of glass nanofoam via femtosecond laser irradiation J Grant-Jacob, Ben Mills and R Eason et al J Phys D: Appl. Phys 
47, 055105, 2014
Polariton condensates: Going soft P Lagoudakis et al Nature Materials:
Single-mode tunable laser emission in the single-exciton regime from colloidal nanocrystals P Lagoudakis et al Nature Comms 4 2376
An electromechanically reconfigurable plasmonic metamaterial operating in the near-infrared NI Zheludev et al Nature Nanotech 8, 252-255
Ray-optics cloaking devices for large objects in incoherent natural light NI Zheludev et al Nature Comms 4 2652
Flux Exclusion Superconducting Quantum Metamaterial: Towards Quantum-level V Savinov et al Scientific Reports
Colloidal Branched Semiconductor Nanocrystals: State of the Art and Perspectives Kanares AG et al Acc Chem Research 2013, 46 (7)
Proposal for a Standard Micromagnetic Problem: Spin Wave Dispersion in a Magnonicv Waveguide Fangohr H et al Magnetics 2013,49 1(3)
Trapping of 85Rb atoms by optical pumping between metastable hyperfine states Freegarde T et al  J Phys. B
Manipulation of in Vitro Angiogenesis Using Peptide-Coated Gold Nanoparticles Muskens O et al ACS Nano, 2013, 7 (6)
Current projects




End Date

Complex nanophotonic and plasmonic networks for ultrafast optical devices

O Muskens

Aug 2017

Integrated Photonic Materials and Devices 

R Eason

Dec 2015

Nanostructured photonic metamaterials 

N Zheludev

Dec 2015

Parallel electrophysiological characterization of sodium channels

H Morgan

Sept 2014

Table-Top Lasers for Resonant Infrared Deposition of Polymer Films

R Eason

Aug 2014

Laser-Induced Forward Transfer Nano-Printing Process - Multiscale Modelling, Experimental Validation and Optimization

R Eason

May 2014

Nanostructured metafilms: a new paradigm for photonics

VA Fedotov

Dec 2013

Ultrafast Multi-GHz Waveguide Lasers

R Eason

Aug 2013



Past projects 

Engineering polariton non-linearity in organic and hybrid-semiconductor microcavities

P Lagoudakis

Jan 2013

Silicon Nanowire Arrays for Viral Infection Markers

P Ashburn

Oct 2012

Point of Care Blood Cell Analysis

H Morgan

Dec 2012

Femtosecond semiconductor lasers

P Lagoudakis

Sept 2012

NANOSCOPE: looking inside a living cell with nanoscale resolution

N Zheludev

Sept 2012

Exploiting Optical fibre Nanowires: from nano to bio

Gilberto Brambilla

Sept 2012

Plasmonic Interactions in Nano-Structured Voids

PN Bartlett

July 2012

Spin currents and superfluidity of microcavity polaritons

Pavlos Lagoudakis

March 2012

A nonlinear plasmonic antenna switch as building block for ultracompact photonic devices

Otto Muskens

Jan 2012

Laser trapping, cooling and sensing of atoms and molecules with nanostructured surfaces

Tim Freegarde

April 2012 

Ruggedised MicroSystem Technology for marine measurement

H Morgan

Nov 2011 

An Electrochemical Engineering Approach to the Templating of Nanostructured Layers

FC Walsh

Sept 2011 

Actively manipulating electronic excitations in nanocrystals

Pavlos Lagoudakis

Sept 2011

Bright IDEAS Award: Nanoparticles On demand Via multiphoton Absorption (NOVA): the practical nanoparticle-making machine

R Eason

Sept 2011

SYMBIOSIS: Synergy between Mathematics, Bio- and Nano-engineering at Southampton University

CP Please

June 2011 

Cavity-mediated cooling using nanostructured surfaces

T Freegarde

Nov 2010

3D micro-optics in self-assembled nanostructured transparent materials by femtosecond direct writing

P Kazansky

Oct 2010

The hydrothermal route to metal oxide nanotubes: synthesis and energy conversion application

DV Bavykin

Sept 2010


from a nano-sculpted surface
Reflection of light
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