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The University of Southampton
Natural Sciences


The Southampton Natural Sciences College

The MSci Natural Sciences degree programme is supported by the Southampton Natural Sciences College. We provide support in several ways, from teaching Natural Science core modules, to guiding students in project and research work and giving advice and support for the six-month placements.

What we do

At the Southampton Natural Sciences College, we are a community of subject experts that actively support the Natural Sciences degree programme. We do this by:

  • guiding Natural Sciences students on module selection or pre-requisites for specialist modules
  • suggesting learning resources for students to use as part of their independent learning
  • discussing and developing potential research ideas with Natural Sciences students
  • suggesting topics for third year research projects and supervising the projects
  • suggesting topics for research placements and supervising placements
  • sharing career-related insights and knowledge with Natural Sciences students
  • We also take part in the annual, student-organised, research conference

Our agreement

As members of the Southampton Natural Sciences College we:

  • follow an agreed and standardised process for monitoring and evaluating progress and achievement of project/placement students
  • guide and develop multidisciplinary modules in the context of the MSci Natural Sciences degree programme
  • share new ideas, best practice and resources for problem-based (also known as context-based) learning

Our membership is mainly made up of academics at principal investigator status (PI), who share the educational ethos of the programme. Most members run world-leading multidisciplinary research programmes.

Meet the members of the Southampton Natural Sciences College

  • Graeme Earl - Archaeology
  • Ivo Tews - CfBS
  • Felix Eigenbrod - CfBS
  • Jonathan Webb - CfBS
  • Guy Poppy - CfBS
  • Phil Newland - CfBS
  • Sumeet Mahajan - IfLS
  • George Attard - Chemistry
  • Jeremy Frey - Chemistry
  • Martin Grossel - Chemistry
  • Jon Watts - Chemistry
  • John Langley - Chemistry
  • Phil Gale - Chemistry
  • Marcel Utz - Chemistry
  • Iris Nandhakumar - Chemistry
  • Ali Tavassoli - Chemistry
  • Sally Bloodworth - Chemistry
  • John Owen - Chemistry
  • Eugen Stulz - Chemistry
  • Seth Bullock - ECS
  • Klaus-Peter Zauner - ECS
  • Hywel Morgan - ECS
  • Niranjan Masehan - ECS
  • Tiina Roose - Engineering
  • Andy Chipperfield - Engineering
  • Kate Schreckenberg - Engineering
  • Peter Smith - IfLS
  • Lisa Harris - Management
  • Ben MacArthur - Mathematics
  • Richard Oreffo - Medicine
  • Geraldine Clough - Medicine
  • Tracy Newman - Medicine
  • Antony Jensen - OES
  • Rachel Mills - OES
  • Jessica Whiteside - OES
  • Bill Brocklesby - ORC/Physics

Key facts

There are over 30 members in our college and we are still growing.

Our membership is mainly made up of University of Southampton academics at principal investigator status.

Most college members run world-leading multidisciplinary research programmes.

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