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Dragonfly day outreach event

Published: 13 December 2016
students at dragonfly tribology
Students at the Tribology Workshop

Our staff have spent the day supporting Dragonfly day.


nC2 Operations Director Dr Nicola Symonds led a team of nC2 and nCATS staff and students to sucessfully provide a well recieved Tribology Workshop.

The workshop was one of three taking place, the others were "Acoustical engineering - Beyond the mixing desk" and "MuViS".

Seventy five year 9 girls from five local schools (Bitterne Park, Thomas Hardye, Thornden, Westgate and Wildern) were split into groups and rotated about the workshops.

Within our Tribology workshop the students were first introduced to the ideas of Tribology, Friction and Wear, then got to play with our hands-on demonstrators where the theroy could be re-enforced and further explained by the team in a practical way.


Slideshow image
JB explains friction
Slideshow image
Agata explains the effect of lubricants
Slideshow image
Jahnabi explains the coefficient of friction
Slideshow image
Ilaria asks the students to consider tribology at the design stage
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