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CPD Course - Recognising and diagnosing in-service failure

Published: 27 June 2018
Brittle failure of plastic
Brittle failure of plastic

nC2 is planning to organise a series of CPD workshops, the first of which will be on “Recognising and diagnosing in-service failure”. The one day workshop will cover surface degradation mechanisms such as corrosion, erosion, cavitation, abrasive and sliding wear and also fatigue – the common result of these initiation mechanisms.

The advantages of this CPD course are:


• Practical learning achieved through an interactive workshop in the laboratory where real examples will be presented

• Networking opportunities over lunch

• 10 minutes 1 to 1 discussion with our leading consultants about ongoing issues in your products/ problems you would like to solve.

• Tours of the cutting-edge facilities available at the University of Southampton

• Small class sizes ensuring everyone has the time for practical experience

• Stress-free travel with easy and free parking

• Certificate to demonstrate attendance and documenting what has been covered


The learning outcomes are:


• The tools to address and recognise failures that occur in your own business


A link to a survey that has been set up to find out what you would like us to include in the content of the day. We are aiming to design this CPD workshop to meet industrial needs and therefore we would be grateful if you could take the time (3 mins) to provide us with your input. Could you please make sure that each individual with an interest in the CPD workshop has the opportunity to fill in our survey, rather than one reply per company, so we have a clearer understanding of everyone’s needs.


Filling in the survey does not commit you to attend the course.



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