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The University of Southampton
nC2 An Enterprise Consultancy Unit

Products and Services

We are a team of staff within the Faculty of Engineering and Physical Sciences (FEPS) at the University of Southampton providing consultancy services for customers seeking solutions in the fields of tribology, surface science and materials engineering.

As a Consultancy Unit within the University of Southampton, our core staff of professional engineers harness state-of-the-art test and analysis facilities. We have the agility and expertise to design each project individually to meet your requirements drawing upon internationally recognised academic experts as needed.


Micro abrasion wear testing

Abrasive Wear Testing

Abrasive wear testing simulates most contact situations with or without lubrication, as two-body or three-body wear conditions.

Corrosion and paint testing

Corrosion and Paint Testing

Corrosion testing includes exposing metals to different environments using environmental chambers and immersion testing at Southampton docks as well as determining type and cause of corrosion

Particulate erosion testing

Particulate Erosion Testing

Erosion testing simulates the harsh environments found in many industries including wet slurry or dry air sand erosion.

Cavitation testing

Cavitation Erosion Testing

Cavitation erosion testing simulates the implosion of gas bubbles on a surface to compare and study the progress of erosion

Sliding wear and friction

Sliding Wear and Friction

Sliding wear involves two surfaces in relative motion, resulting material loss and ploughing of one or both surfaces.

Failure analysis

Failure Analysis

Forensic engineering materials investigations can be carried out for a client to determine the cause
 of an unexplained failure.

Hardness testing

Materials Characterisation

Characterisation involves measuring and recording the condition of a sample either destructively or non- destructively using a variety of techniques.

Applied research

Applied Research

nC2 can help industry with their applied research, we accept direct industry funding or assist companies in their applications for funding.

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