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Reference groups

The project team was lucky to meet so many dedicated student volunteers from the three particpating disciplines. All of the initial resource group meetings took place in April 2012; they were followed by evaluation group meetings in October 2012.


This workshop was attended by three Y4 medical students and led by a member of the project team (Anja) who presented to the group the issues and data identified by the Beyond Competence research. The topics raised in the subsequent discussion included:

The group then split up and put together top tips for students. We then read - individually - interview quotes and wrote down advice.

Our discussion concluded that:

In terms of resources, the workshop participants came up with a number of ideas for supporting newcomers into clinical placements such as:


The workshop was attended by seven year 2 students from different cohorts including mental health nursing, adult nursing and midwifery. It was led by a member of the project team (Anja). Anja explained why and how the project was set up by the Beyond Competence Team. She presented on issues identified by the survey, which were discussed at some length. The group was then split into pairs and workshop participants put together a list of top tips to students just about to start clinical placements. The group went on to read interview quotes and participants were invited to individually respond with advice for each secnario.

Workshop participants also suggested a number of ideas for supporting nursing students including:

In addition to the first resource group, a second one ran in October 2012, which allowed students to review the draft resources as well as the new2placements website.


The original workshop was attended by one year 4 audiology student and re-run subsequently in October with three audiology students. Both followed a similar format, although the October resource group also included piloting of the new2placements website draft.

Our aims

One of the aims of the Beyond Competence project is to work with students to develop educational resources for supporting the next generation of healthcare students.

Students participate in a workshop

It was a most informative and well attended study day.

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