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Student participation

Working closely with students was always a key ambition for the Beyond Competence project and we are grateful to all of you who contributed your time, consideration and creativity. Thank you!  

Students were involved at various points of the research and in lots of different ways:


As a research participant

The aim of the Beyond Competence project was to explore the experiences of healthcare students as they make the transition from classroom-based teaching to learning in the clinical workplace. Students across the three healthcare professions (audiology, nursing and medicine) took part in the project and shared with us their experiences of the transition into initial clinical placements. They did so by keeping a self-report diaries and/or taking part in an interview and / or participating in a focus group.

Research participants were promised confidentiality and anonymity and hence we cannot list you here by name. The names used in project reports and within the resources are pseudonyms (not actual names). All project activities that followed are based on this work.

As student reference group members and workshop participants
Throughout the data collection and resource production we have worked with students - asking for their advice, ideas and feedback. Some people helped us over considerable periods of time, others provided ad hoc advice and / or piloted our research tools.


As a producer of student resources

As part of the workshops and following on from them, individuals and groups of students have produced resources for this website, e.g. in the shape of photographs, writing text, shooting videos, etc.


As presenters at conferences

Students presented and co-presented at the following conferences:

At the side of the page is a list of students who participated in the Beyond Competence project. Thanks again!

Students who have participated


Below is a list of students who participated in the Beyond Competence project.


Thanks again!


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