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The University of Southampton

Science café talk to explore the secrets of the Universe

Published: 18 January 2008

The most exciting scientific adventure of the next decade is the subject on the agenda when Southampton’s Science Café continues its series of talks on Thursday 24 January.

Professor Nick Evans from the University of Southampton’s School of Physics and Astronomy will discuss ‘The Frontier of Particle Physics and the Large Hadron Collider’.

The Large Hadron Collider is the latest and most powerful in a series of particle acceleratorsbased in Geneva, Switzerland, where scientists and engineers from 111 nations are conducting one of the largest scientific experiments ever.

The Universe started with a Big Bang – but scientists don’t fully understand how or why it developed the way it did. The Large Hadron Collider will recreate, on a microscale, conditions that existed billionths of a second after the birth of the Universe, to bring new knowledge about the origins of the Universe and how it works.

The Science Café, which aims to show how science shapes our modern world, is held once a month from 7.00 – 8.45pm at its new home at the Soul Cellar, 78 West Marlands Road, Southampton (

A short talk (20-30 minutes) by world-leading scientists on their cutting-edge scientific research will be followed by a question and answer session and a discussion of the science presented and its impact, all in an informal and friendly atmosphere.

Science Café Co-ordinator, Dr Christian Kaiser of the University of Southampton, comments: ‘Scientific research affects everyone. Yet most people do not engage with science at all because most of the scientific output is aimed at specialists rather than the general public. The Science Café provides a venue for discussing science and its impacts with experts in a friendly and informal way.’

The Science Café is free and no booking is necessary.

For more information, please contact Dr Christian Kaiser, Science Café Co-ordinator, on 023 8059 2073, email

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