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The University of Southampton

The Charity Challenge: Raising money for the Prince’s Trust

Published: 5 March 2008

How much money can you make for charity in 24 hours with £50 start up? This is the challenge University of Southampton students have been set on Thursday 6 March. Just how the students raise the money is completely up to them – it could be anything from providing washing up services to selling and running a day trip to the coast!

The £50 Charity Challenge will test students’ ability to raise funds for charity using creativity, drive and pure business talent, while raising money for a great cause. The students running the challenge are themselves taking part in ‘Profitunity’, run by Ernst and Young to help raise funds for the Prince’s Trust.

The team’s mentor Harj Murria, Director of Marketing for Tax at Ernst and Young, comments:

“I love the idea of the £50 Charity Challenge: it’s a great expression of the students energy, passion and verve.”

Natalie Norton, Student Enterprise Officer at the University, adds:

“Profitunity is a great event for students to put their enterprise skills into action. Students are encouraged to take part in events such as this, because employers want to take on enterprising young people who have good ideas and can put them into action. Becoming involved in enterprise at university is a good start.”

The event also marks the five year anniversary of Fish on Toast, the University's student entrepreneurial service.

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