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The University of Southampton

Leading banker launches a world-first research centre at the University of Southampton

Published: 31 October 2008

One of the UK’s most respected banking and economics experts will give his opinions on the current financial downturn at an inaugural evening seminar at the University of Southampton’s School of Management.

Professor Charles Goodhart, former independent member of the Bank of England’s Monetary Policy Committee, will speak at the launch of the new Centre for Banking, Finance and Sustainable Development at 5pm on Wednesday 5 November.

Centre Director Professor Richard Werner said: “The money markets are currently facing unprecedented challenges. It is appropriate to launch our new Centre with an address by Professor Goodhart who will talk about the causes and consequences of the current banking crisis and the role of regulation.”

The Centre focuses on the link between the financial sector, in particular the banking system, and economic growth and development. It collaborates with the School of Social Sciences, Division of Economics, and is the world’s first research centre to focus on the sustainability aspects of banking and development. In Professor Werner’s words, “it is high time that the concept of sustainability is introduced to the banking world.”

After Professor Goodhart’s talk, Professor Werner will present research showing that the unprecedented fiscal spending packages adopted in response to the crisis by the UK government, as well as governments in many other countries, will have serious unintended negative consequences for the economy, if key aspects of the packages are not changed.

The two addresses will be followed by a panel discussion, at which the Executive Director of the New Economics Foundation, Stewart Wallis, joins the debate, which will be chaired by Professor Robin Mason, head of economics at the University of Southampton.

The event is free but you must book your place. Please contact Chris Hopper on 023 8059 8613 or email: to register.

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