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The University of Southampton

Scientists call for UK energy overhaul

Published: 29 June 2009

Professor John Shepherd of the University of Southampton's School of Ocean and Earth Science, is lead author of a Royal Society report published today (Monday 29 June) calling for a major overhaul of the United Kingdom's energy policy.

Professor Shepherd, who is one of the UK's leading climate scientists, together with Royal Society colleagues, produced the report, Towards a Low Carbon Future, which casts doubt on the ability of the UK's current energy system to meet future needs while reducing emissions that lead to rapid climate change.

Rather than suggesting single solutions, the report calls for an integrated approach, promoting the use of all available technologies to create a low-carbon economy.

Professor Shepherd, who is based at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton, said: "For the sake of future generations we cannot afford to wait until our climate is changed dramatically or the oil runs out before we end our dependency on fossil fuels. If the UK wants to provide global leadership it has to convert talk into action."

Click here for the full Royal Society report, Towards a Low Carbon Future:


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