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The University of Southampton

Discarded treasures form collection of luxury ‘eco’ garments at Winchester School of Art’s MA Show

Published: 2 September 2009

Old jumpers, vintage tablecloths, and traditional lace collars and shirts have been recycled and reworked by MA textile student Alice Goldie at the University of Southampton’s Winchester School of Art to form a collection of high quality customised fashion and interior products.

Alice’s work is just one of dozens of exhibits on display at this year’s MA Show at the School which starts on Friday 4 September, featuring fashion design, printmaking, communication design, painting, sculpture, textile design and fine art.

“My work is all about where things originate from and rediscovering the beauty in discarded treasure - then reinventing it into precious, hand-crafted treasured heirlooms,” says Alice.

Sourcing material from Oxfam, Alice now hopes to launch her own luxury brand company called ‘Wear, Tear and Repair’, which will be based on the values behind her current work.

“As I continue to source reclaimed textiles and reinvent them, giving new life, each collection will be different. The personalisation comes from where the elements I use are from, rather than who they are going to.”

There is a strong international feel to some areas of the MA Show this year. Textile student Farniyaz Zaker’s work features a display of carpets, reinvented and reworked to explore her childhood memories of gardens and carpets in Iran where she grew up.

Alice Goldie makes final preparations
WSA MA degree show

“Each piece of textile and carpet contains hundreds of small ingredients. Each of these small ingredients is inscribed with fragments of messages that are highly evocative and include subtle references to personal experiences, memories, traumas, influences and my imagination of gardens,” says Farniyaz.

Fine Artist Inass Yassin’s photographic display reflects urban transformation in the Arab world, using images of a destroyed cinema and the projectionist's story as a metaphor. Meanwhile, Ionnis Eleftheriades’ installation explores the history of Cyprus.

The MA degree show opens to the public at Winchester School of Art on Friday 4 September and runs until Wednesday 9 September.


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