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The University of Southampton

Funding boost for University breast cancer research this Mother’s Day

Published: 30 March 2011

A cutting-edge breast cancer research project based at the University of Southampton has received a £22,500 contribution from Hallmark Cards as part of its annual 'Cards for a Cure' campaign for Mother’s Day 2011.

Led by Professor Andrew Collins at the University of Southampton, this pioneering research project hopes to identify new defective genes that are responsible for breast cancer development that could ultimately help to predict individuals most at risk of developing the disease.

Professor Collins says: “This is a very significant sum of money and we are extremely grateful to Hallmark Cards for continuing to support Breast Cancer Campaign, which in turn benefits the essential work that we do.

“Having faulty copies of genes called BRCA1 and 2, increases a person’s risk of developing breast cancer but they only account for around five to ten per cent of all cases. This suggests there may be other undiscovered genes that are also responsible and through this study we hope to identify them.

“We will use the latest computer technology to compare genetic information from a very large number of people who have breast cancer with an equally large number who lack the disease to try and find new breast cancer genes.”

In its fifth year, Cards for a Cure™ has now donated £1.25 million to Breast Cancer Campaign’s UK wide research projects and Action Breast Cancer, a programme of the Irish Cancer Society, since 2007.

Tamsyn Johnston-Hughes, CSR Manager at Hallmark Cards adds: “Breast cancer is a disease that affects thousands of women each year, as well as impacting the lives of their friends and loved ones. This is why we have chosen to make the donation on Mother’s Day, a poignant time of the year for all UK families.

“The pioneering research being carried out by the University of Southampton may help to identify people at risk of developing breast cancer and so enable scientists to develop new treatments accordingly. Our 'Cards for a Cure' campaign donation directly benefits this on-the-ground research and is key to funding world class research to understand how breast cancer develops, leading to improved diagnosis, prevention and hopefully one day, a cure.

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  • For more information about the Cards for a Cure™ campaign or to post a message for your mum on a dedicated virtual Mums Wall in support of Breast Cancer Campaign, visit

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