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The University of Southampton

Researchers to serve up ‘Pint of Science’

Published: 10 May 2016
Pint of Science
Launch of the Pint of Science Festival

Pub locals to hear talks on everything from ‘Einstein’s Secret Universe' to ‘Tasmanian Devils: What can they teach us about cancer?’

Researchers from the University of Southampton will take part in an international, three-day festival later this month to deliver a unique line-up of talks, demonstrations and live experiments to public houses across Southampton.

The ‘Pint of Science’ festival (23-25 May) will see 47 researchers from the University take the stage in six pubs across the city to cover a wide range of subjects including:


  • ‘In the mind of a psychopath’ – looking at psychopaths’ brains and asking whether it’s possible to change a psychopath;
  • 'Einstein's Waves' – covering the recent big physics discovery on gravitational waves and asking what this means for future research;
  • ‘Infections & superbugs: time for (loose) change?’ – find out how copper can kill antibiotic resistant bacteria; the key to reducing superbug spread in hospitals could be the change in our pockets;
  • ‘Migration projection’ – explore the fascinating and controversial world of international migration, how policy influences migrants and migrations and what are the possible responses to the current refugee crisis;
  • ‘Low-cost medical diagnostics… at home’ – learn how advanced laser technology is being utilised to produce a home use device that can diagnose multiple medical conditions in a single test.


Southampton pubs supporting this year’s ‘Pint of Science’ programme include The Ship Inn (Redbridge), The Duke of Wellington (Bugle Street), The Mitre (Portswood), The Brewhouse & Kitchen (Highfield), The View (Thornhill Road) and Ebb and Flow (Above Bar).

Alongside main talks at every venue, each evening will also include a range of fun, science-related activities including pub quizzes, hands-on activities, brain teaser tests, pint-sized experiments and other interactive games.

“We have an obligation to get back to our communities and engage the wider public with our research; ‘Pint of Science’ is just the coolest way to do it,” says Nathan Shammah, University of Southampton ‘Pint of Science’ co-ordinator. “The calendar is so rich that every night I have this dilemma: what talks to attend?”

Fellow co-ordinator, Dr Silvia Lanati, adds: “A local pub is the perfect place to chill out and to talk about science with our community. Southampton people have lots to offer to their local scientists so what is better than having a chat in front of a pint!”

‘Pint of Science’ was established four years ago by a group of UK-based postgraduate and postdoctoral researchers and now involves universities in over 20 towns and cities across the country with activities extending to a further 100 cities in Europe, North and South America, Africa and Australia.

Tickets for ‘Pint of Science’ activities in Southampton are available online from with each evening costing only £4.


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