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Revolutionary prosthetics software unveiled at CES 2020

Published: 7 January 2020
Dr Joshua Steer of Radii Devices
Graduate entrepreneur Dr Joshua Steer, Founder of university spin-out Radii Devices

A University of Southampton graduate entrepreneur is launching intelligent software for faster, more personal fitting of prosthetics at CES 2020.

Radii Devices, founded by Dr Joshua Steer, has developed its innovative software through five years of research at the University to improve device fit and comfort for the estimated 40 million people worldwide who require prosthetic or orthotic services.  

The team applies technologies used in F1 car design and America’s Cup yacht racing and makes them available and accessible to clinicians. The software supports skilled clinicians in the design of prosthetics and orthotics, through cutting-edge engineering design and prediction of device fit before manufacture.  

The reality of socket fit is far from the glossy portrayal of prosthetic technology. Whereas the robotics of prosthetic legs and hands have seen huge advances in recent years, the comfort of the socket itself has received a fraction of the attention, with a reported average of nine fitting sessions required to achieve a comfortable fit.  

Attendees at the Radii Devices launch (booths 51733 and 71735 at CES2020) are able to get hands on with the software, exploring how data and engineering design tools are being provided to clinicians in the design of these devices.  

Dr Steer said, “Getting the fit of these devices right first time is so important for users. We’re determined to create the tools which clinicians deserve. We’re delighted to be launching our software at CES and can’t wait to start our clinical pilots scheduled for early 2020”.   

Graham Stuart MP, UK Minister for Investment said “Congratulations to Radii Devices. There are few more exciting developments than seeing the UK’s world leading research capability turned into prosthetic and orthotic products which transform lives.

We’re proud of our innovation eco-system and determined to strengthen it further. The outcomes are greater prosperity at home and better lives for those the technology serves.”

Radii Devices was spun out of the Bioengineering Sciences Research Group at the University of Southampton in April 2019. Despite being established for just over 8 months they have already attracted significant attention for their innovative technology.

Having secured initial funding from a Royal Academy of Engineering Enterprise Fellowship, they followed it up with an offer of £120,000 in seed funding at the Dragon’s Den event run by the University of Southampton’s startup accelerator, Future Worlds - the largest on-stage commitment in the history of the event.  



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