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Seeing the invisible

Developing chemical agents and techniques to enhance imaging

2 November 2021

Being able to see deep inside an object with chemical selectivity would have implications across a wide spectrum of applications, including the ability to detect cancer.

A Southampton research project to advance the capabilities of nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is on the road to major breakthroughs that will have the potential to influence everything from fundamental physics to physical medicine.

Malcolm Levitt , Professor of Physical Chemistry, is leading the six-year project.

This project is about some new frontier advances in NMR which can enhance the signal strength, or the brightness of the signals, for NMR and MRI by very large factors – up to 100,000 times. We’re using a phenomenon called hyperpolarisation, which is being developed fairly intensively around the world, including by us in Southampton.

Malcolm Levitt - Professor of Physical Chemistry

Read the full story in Re:action , the University’s research and enterprise magazine.

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