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The University of Southampton

2014 STAG public lecture with Physics Nobel Laureate Gerard 't Hooft: How the Higgs Theory gives mass to particles -  Event

Gerard 't Hooft
1 October 2014
Turner Sims, Highfield Campus

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Event details

Physics Nobel Laureate Gerard `t Hooft will be giving the keynote lecture for the University of Southampton's pioneering Southampton Theory Astrophysics and Gravity (STAG) Research Centre.

Further details about the lecture

A sub-atomic particle that has recently been discovered at the Large Hadron Collider of CERN, Geneva, is most likely the long-sought Higgs particle. This is often said to be the particle that gives mass to the other subatomic particles, by modifying the surrounding empty space. How does it do that, and what does this have to do with the fact that particles spin like little spinning tops? What spinning particles should we be looking for next?

Further details about STAG

The STAG Research Centre brings together world-leading academics from three research groups – Particle Physics, Astrophysics and Gravitation – to explore issues of fundamental physics and astronomy.

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