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The University of Southampton

Lois Jacobs - "The Agility Paradox - How today's most successful companies are staying ahead" Event

Lois Jacobs
4 July 2016
Highfield Campus, Nightingale Lecture Theatre, 67/1027

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Event details

Lois Jacobs visited the University of Southampton as part of our Distinguished Lecture programme. Lois presented her lecture "The Agility Paradox - How today's most successful companies are staying ahead."


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Lecture synopsis:

Today’s markets are changing more rapidly than ever before. As technology advances, traditional barriers to market entry fall. A category-transforming idea could arrive from outside the industry or across the globe—at any minute. Only a few years ago, no one could have anticipated how quickly Zipcar and Airbnb would shake the foundations of their industries.

At the same time, brands’ actions have been laid open to public scrutiny in ways previously unknown. What happens in one corner of the world can no longer be kept from another. A child labour scandal in India affects opinion in Indianapolis. A leaked cell phone video goes viral with millions of views.

Companies are facing a new reality, trying to steer brands in a context where disruption is the norm. They face perpetually evolving business strategies, shifting categories, an expanding array of touch points, and an ever-savvier mix of customers. In spite of all this, some brands are getting it right.

Landor conducted a global study to investigate how. Numbers were studied, consumers were talked to, and businesses were analysed to determine how and why some brands are succeeding against the odds. It seems that today’s strongest, best-performing brands are striking a balance. These companies are adaptive and nimble while remaining fixed on core tenets, nurturing a harmonious relationship between two divergent dimensions. We call this phenomenon the agility paradox.

About the speaker:

Lois Jacobs is Worldwide CEO at Landor, a branding and design consultancy with 27 offices in 21 countries Landor builds some of the world’s most agile brands, brands that thrive on change.

Prior to joining Landor in 2013, she was CEO of FITCH, the global retail design consultancy.

Between 1999 and 2009 Lois was President, International of the Interpublic owned experiential marketing agency, Jack Morton Worldwide. During that time she delivered worldwide campaigns for large corporate clients. Additionally she created and led the public events practice, producing two Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies, a couple of G8 Summits and a number of other smaller brand experiences for governments and capital cities around the world.

Prior to Jack Morton she had her own experiential marketing company which was acquired by Saatchi & Saatchi.

In addition to her role at Landor she sits on the board of Barrows, the retail marketing specialists.

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